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BlackBeards Hotel

Rating: Above average Phone: 809-970-3268 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: 809-970-3599 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Puerto Plata Contact: General Manager Value for money: Above average
Food: Above average Decor: Excellent Service: Above average
We recently spent two nights at this small hotel in Costambar. We found it to be very quiet and tranquil location. They are located about 2 minutes walking distance from the beach. They have a small bar/restaurant, but when we were there they only served breakfast and light lunchs.

This hotel has 17 rooms, with remote A/C, TV and hot water. They also offer free internet access, billiards, and darts. They are classified as an adult hotel, which means they do not allow children under 18 years old.

We would stay here again, and recommend it to people who are looking for a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/28/2002



I've been to bb this year 3 times I love it there the staff is great rooms are very clean an also the girls .its a very safe enviroment an I'm looking forward to my next trip
Author: el tigre Posted at 19:26 11/28/2010
I was at Blac Beards in October of 2009 for 7 days. The food was exceptional, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The staff was exceptional and very friendly. WiFi, hot water and Jacuzzi in room.
I could not say enough about the girls, I had anywhere from 2 to 4 in one night to fulfill a fantasy. They were absolutely beautiful, most were 18 and college kids.

It was fun sitting by the pool bar watching them play in the water. There were always about 20 girls around the pool. No one bothered you unless you ask them over to you. Shift change was about 6:00 pm and 10:00am.
What a time...rooms cheap, food great and cheap, girls beautiful and cheap.
what more can you ask for.
I never left the place to see anything else.

Author: yoyo Posted at 13:18 07/31/2010
i went to the Dr in Feb 2009 but stayed in puntacana. it was great,but expensive.

i came across blackbeards on the internet and they sent me some latest photos of the ladies but i am thinking of going there as i will be in the DR in about a week.
anyone been to blackbeards recently that could let me know how the place really is,,,,,,especially the can email ne at
[email protected]
Author: neilos Posted at 13:23 03/23/2009
I stayed @ BarbaNegra for a week and loved it! the food was good! i wish i spent more time in the pool! beer was cold! jaccuzzi was "HOT"! Im going back!
Author: G.O.O.D.T.I.M.E.S. Posted at 13:18 03/10/2009
Has anyone ever brought their wife or girlfriend to Blackbeards. I am planning on taking the wife in June. I was wondering how it went. Its cool enough that the wife is agreeable to it.
Any info would be helpful.

Author: Rookie44 Posted at 11:32 01/13/2008
I've recently heard that the D.R. isn't really a safe place for tourist. Please tell me that I'm wrong because I'm looking forward to making my trip to BB this coming spring.
Author: TM Posted at 10:29 10/27/2007
What fun. Me and Spanky had mucho HaHa,at Barba Negra. I don't think he will ever forget his 50th birthday on 5/10/07.All the chica's sang happy B-day to him.You guys did a bang-up job keeping that place in top notch running order, shipping in water,keeping the generator working and the Presidente's frio.Gracias to you and your crew for putting up with us. Adios,Santa Claus.
Author: Rocky, aka,Santa Claus, Barba Blanca Posted at 17:37 05/15/2007
I went to BB about 4years ago. It was OK.
The prices were good. The girls were very good. The only complaint I had was the lcak of civilization in the area. No ATM's , no banks nearby and no nightlife. Does anyone know how far the nearest real town is? Thanks.
Author: Mikey Posted at 23:58 05/11/2007
I stayed at Blackbeard's in March, had an excellent time....on my way back in May...ladies were very nice, food was great, and am looking forward to reconnecting I never left the resort, but everyone else there said that outside costambar was some decent night life...will check it out this time
Author: Tim B Posted at 21:37 04/18/2007
Hi there I have been to Blackbeards 2 times within the last year. The resort is very nice and yes they could use some improvements. But overall it is a very nice place. The staff was very nice and the women were very attractive and sexy. I havestayed in Santo Dimango several times and SD is alot more expensive and the women there are somewhat conceided. I am planning a trip back to Puerto Plata this may and wish I could get into blackbeards but it's booked up. I am trying to find a hotel close to it. It's nothing like opening your room door and seeing all these sexy and pretty ladies there waiting for you to say i want to spend time with you.
Author: Scorpio Posted at 17:49 03/30/2007
Blackbeard sounds like a cool place to stay but does the surrounding area offer Nightlife (Dancing,Beach,Fun,Friendly girl who are interested in having a good time. I hear the women are beautiful but I want to make sure I pick the right location. Since Im sure I won't have a problem finding a woman or paying for it as a last resort but if I'm in a fun area with no children I will have a blast.

Author: Best Place and Location to Stay Posted at 14:09 03/22/2007
i had a great time at your 4th anny. party alittle slow on the activitelys but the jaciz stuffing was on the money eventhough my camara disappeared thanks for a great time john
Author: john Posted at 15:11 11/25/2006
BlackBeard's was by far one of the best vacation experiences of my life. The rooms were large, clean and nicely decorated, the staff was friendly and helpful, and the hostesses were above average, the hotel itself was very safe and secure. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a nice relaxing vacation. They make you feel like a King all for less than $2000 thats everything Airfare,Lodging,Cabs,Alcohol,CHICAS......
Author: They Call Him Mr. Q Posted at 16:38 10/23/2006
We stayed at Blackbeards about one week and we enjoyed our stay. The restaurant is excellent, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The personnel is very friendly and try to help if you need information, also the managers Solange and David are very helpful. We have seen the bikini contest on last Saturday of the month, and the girls were very pretty. Great jacuzzi and nice pool. Lots of plants. Rooms very nice, air conditionning,...
Really a nice place to recommend.
Author: Eric T. Posted at 9:19 08/6/2006
I regret to say I visited the blackbeards resort and was dissapointed because the girls are low quality, and their prices are similar to other high-class resorts with the best latin and european girls, and private villas.
They need to do a lot of changes before they consider themselves an acceptable escort resort. Underpaid staff can also make your life miserable.
Author: Greg Peterson Posted at 14:07 06/13/2005
Is 1700 enough to go with considering my room and taxes are covered when i get there? Are there available women onsite? Is this a good time if you go alone? What does it co$t for company? Is there any need to leave the resort? (other than fishing)

Author: Questions / Planning to go Posted at 21:33 02/15/2005
Returned AGAIN to Black Beards in November 2004. Many improvements to the property since last year. It is clear that the owners are reinvesting in the property to continually upgrade it for their guests.
ANOTHER great vacation for us. We'll be back again.
Author: Mr. & Mrs. Y and X Posted at 12:39 11/17/2004
Author: JON Posted at 19:25 10/18/2004
Author: JB Posted at 19:15 10/18/2004
the greatest vacation spot for the money so relaxing and friendly it says a lot for the dominican people they know how to make you feel very special beautiful island great resort and the people make this a great vacation spot
Author: anonymous Posted at 12:56 08/4/2004
I enjoyed Blackbeards.The food was good and staff friendly. The pool and bar were lots of fun. I think single guys can't get more bang for the buck anywhere else.
Author: RSAHADI Posted at 14:38 04/1/2004
We stayed at Blackbeards for one week in Nov. 2003. Had a wonderful time. The facillity is well maintained and the staff is friendly and helpful. Costambar is a wonderful community and you can walk anywhere you need to go. There are a variety of resturants, bars and other resorts nearby and you are just a short ride to POP for the nightlife. This is an adult resort and as such, it is oriented toward "adult" activities. We will visit again!
Author: Mr. & Mrs. Y and X Posted at 21:24 12/8/2003
I will let you know. I am staying there over the xmas holiday.
Author: THOMAS2004 Posted at 20:33 12/7/2003
Had a great stay. the rooms are clean.and well maintained. They serve breakfast,lunch and dinner. the bar is lively.there is a pool and a jacuzzi to enjoy and you are only across the road from the beach. Located in costambar a gated community. On thursday nights there is a dart throwing contest and the place is pretty active.the hostesses are very pretty and very accommodating.
The price for everything is very reasonable. I'll definately stay here again.
Author: J.Graham Posted at 17:23 03/8/2003

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