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Villa Castellamonte

Rating: Excellent Phone: 809.589.7065 Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: 809.589.7490 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Cabrera Contact: Jason Matthews Value for money: Excellent
Food: Excellent Decor: Excellent Service: Excellent
This place has to be seen to be believed. I never would have thought such a wonderful place would be located along the north coast. I thought Casa de Campo had a lock on these kinds of high end luxury accommodations. Far from it!! I\\\'ve stayed at many, many places but none compare to this villa.

The food was five stars...all the way. The staff was more than five stars...I\\\'ve never felt so looked after yet still had all the privacy I could ever want. I have returned to this place twice already just to enjoy the relaxation and unwind. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for the very best in the Caribbean; much less the Dominican Republic.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/14/2003



Author: Stephanie Posted at 10:25 12/18/2006
Author: Mechelle Posted at 10:24 12/18/2006
Author: Mark Posted at 10:23 12/18/2006
We had such a relaxing and enjoyable time at your Villa! You have designed such a beautiful and fun place for families to reunite. We were especially pleased with your staff there, they all helped us enjoy our time. I must specifically praise Felicita to you, as she's a real asset to your operation and was attentive to our needs in a caring and professional fashion.
Author: James 'Jamie' Jones Posted at 13:55 11/7/2006
We truly enjoyed the Villa! We had a beautiful wedding ceremony,wonderful weather and family to share alot of memories with. Victoria spoke heartfelt words of wisdom, which brought tears of joy to the bride. The staff must be commended on a unbelievable job,very well done, they were superb !!!We can not say enough about them,they are just remarkable people.We just wanted you to know how much we loved the Villa. The food was excellent every time.
Author: Kim & Michael Meier Posted at 16:03 05/31/2005
The staff were amazing!!! The private chef's food was outstanding. The villa was more than we ever imagined. We would highly recommend Villa Castellamonte!!! We'll be sure to tell all of our friends what a wonderful vacation we had.
Author: Clara McCammon Posted at 18:41 03/3/2005
Wow! What a staff! We felt like we were family. Such smiles and welcome and the private chef was fantastic. We will forever remember the villa, not just because it is spectacular but because of the staff as well.
Author: July & Doug Labs Posted at 18:38 03/3/2005
We loved the staff!! Thank you for allowing one of them to come with us to Cabarete. He was helpful and fun to be with. He was very protective and encouraged bartering with the shop keepers. He also showed us the beach down the road and helped educate us about local customs and culture. We also loved the flowers the staff collected each evening for our table decorations. Fabulous!
Author: Colleen Sprinkle Posted at 18:36 03/3/2005
The staff were exceptional and couldn't have been more helpful, happy and accommodating. They were perfect hosts in every way. They seemed to work very well together. Our family has been to several villas and this surpasses them all. You have a beautiful place.
Author: Kim Sprinkle Posted at 18:34 03/3/2005
All staff were wonderful! [The private chef] is a great cook!
Author: Scott Kinsel Posted at 18:32 03/3/2005
Everyone was wonderful but the staff were outstanding from the moment we arrived. We have stayed in private villas before but this was the best so far. It was a home away from home feeling in paradise.
Author: Margaret Hargreaves Posted at 12:11 02/4/2005
The staff are outstanding, all go out of their way to make you feel welcome. The property & villa are pristine and secluded. We had a wonderful and relaxing time! Thank you!
Author: Jennifer Mandes Posted at 12:08 02/4/2005
It was the best week of my life-I can't imagine a more perfect place & people to take care of me-I wish I could live here forever!
Author: Tom & Deb Atkins Posted at 12:02 02/4/2005
Thanks for one of the best vacations ever!
Author: Trevor & Maya Furrer Posted at 11:58 02/4/2005
Our dream destination wedding was at Villa Castellamonte in October 2003 and we returned for another week stay in May 2004. Looking forward to another visit there in 2005, so we don't recommend this absolutey most perfect piece of paradise to anyone so that it is available to us forever! Ha Ha!
P.S. To give a hint of how romantic the Villa is, on both of our trips, a baby was concieved by co-house guests of ours!

The Matthews, Victoria, and house staff are true gems!!!
Author: Glenn & Jana Bailey Posted at 20:32 10/4/2004
Privacy is suberb! Dining pool side is spectacular. We are most appreciative of your allowing us to share your home. We look forward to returning next year. Your villa provided our family with an exceptional experience in your magnificent home and grounds. The staff were very good.
Author: Jim Posted at 12:07 02/28/2004
The villa and staff were a 10 and we can't wait to return. Please use us as a reference, there are so many good things about the villa you cannot list them all.
Author: Jim & Kristen Posted at 12:06 02/28/2004
Overall, it was the best vacation in years., The house and grounds are absolutely amazing! Excellent food, staff and swimming pool. Close to the beach, perfect for adult swimmers.
Author: Jonathan Posted at 12:04 02/28/2004
Paradise..... plan and simple! I am a professional swimwear photographer and I have traveled to many exotic places but nothing can compare to Villa Castellamonte. The accomodations are breathtaking..... we lived like kings for a week..... from eating the best foods and being served by highly qualified professionals..... no detailed were missed.... the service, security, privacy, everything one could ask for..... In the mornings I awoke to the sunrise between my feet.... rolling out of the kingsize bed, i would walk out the double french doors to the sound of the ocean waves crashing into the cliffs below me...... My girlfriend and I would walk across the well groomed grass to a gateway leading to the carved cliff stepps that desended to a untouched white sandy beach. Such private natural beauty lead us to leave our clothes behide and stroll the beach as the morning sun kept us warm from the cool ocean breeze. As a swimwear photographer it was a slice of heaven...... I was shooting Exotica Swimwear with some of the most beautiful models in a location that only the best can dream about...... From beautiful 30 foot waterfalls, white water rivers, green jungle vegetation, white sandy beaches and beautiful cliffed coves with large rocks blocking the crashing waves..... all of this was a formula for a photographers paradise. You must visit the Villa-Castellamonte website and see the images that bring my words to life. The resort location offered everything from scuba diving to professional golf... without waiting in lines or for a tee time. The villa's staff knows your name and your needs and they will attend to everything..... from cleaning the sand from your shoes everynight to washing and folding your clothes in the morning. I want to thank everyone for the experience and I'll end on this note: "Some people can live a lifetime and never fall in love but to have lived and never experience this place would be a greater loss". Thank You again and best wishes ; ) Always, Brian
Author: Posted at 23:54 06/3/2003
This place is awesome. Working for Exotica Swimwear, I see a lot of amazing places, and this so far is easily the finest place I have ever stayed. I could not find one thing I would change, everything you will need is their, from fine wine to fine cigars, you have it at your beckon call. The staff is friendly and genuine, and the scenery is to die for. I highly recomend Villa Castellamonte for more reasons then I could possibly list!
Author: Dan Posted at 10:58 06/3/2003
IAM COMIN BACK .I dont know when but i will . I WAS SO CONTENT WITH THE ATMOSHERE AROUND ME I DIDNT WATCH CNN FOR SEVEN DAYS EVEN THOUGH THERES SATILITE TV WITH EVERY CHANNEL IN THE WORLD .A GREAT ESCAPE .THE GREATEST SINCERE PEOPLE ARE THE LOCALS THERE . O yeah about the villa the staff are the nicest people youll ever meet while your eatin breakfast antonia and fliora two nice house keepers are cleaning everybodys room a breakfast of fresh cut fruit best mangos youll ever hAVE Had .Eggs and whatever else ya want. lunch, dinner are the best to i was there seven days. The house over looks a cliff to the atlantic ocean facing east .I LIVE on the east coast of florida atlantic beach so seeing the same east sky at night is breathe taking. THE STARS LITE UP THE CLEAR SKY AS CLEAR AS THE WATER YOU SEE WHEN YOU WALK DOWN THE STEPS CUT INTO THE CLIFF LEADING TO A VERY SECLUDED BEACH DEFENITLY A PLACE TO TAKE YOUR LOVER .I suggest the hot tub at night .My dream would be to get married there . WE SAY the vows in the gazbo ..And fly any one id want to be there . My bride would look great walkin down the stairs IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HOUSES FOYER Very ELEGANT PLACE ..One night for dinner we had the biggest lobster tail ive seen in my 30 year ol life KNOWING IT WAS OUR FOUTH OF SEVEN DAYS I KNEW THIS WOULDNT LAST FOR EVER SO WHEN THE OTHER GUEST COULDNT EAT ALL OF THIERS I ATE THREE LOBSTER TAILS I give the food a 70 star rating 10 for each day I ATE there . WELL IVE PROBLY SAID TO MUCH YA KNOW I REALLY DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT YA KNOW YA NEVER READ THE ENDING OF A BOOK FIRST ...I RECOMEND YOU GO THERE AND FIND OUT FOR YOUR SELF AND FIND OUT ...SAY HELLO TO LUPE AND BRANDY FROM "WALLY"
Author: "WALLY" Posted at 18:51 05/30/2003
The only way to describe it is spectacular and perfect in every way.
It has to be the best place in the Carribean.
Every detail has been seen to and done with impeccable detail. The staff were friendly and the food was excellent. I can highly recommend Villa Castellamonte.
Author: Ray Posted at 22:56 05/20/2003
A perfect place for a family vacation. One of our group called it "our personal Ritz Carlton". The staff was the best! Si!
Author: Ellen Posted at 10:38 05/14/2003
I could not dream of a nicer place to get engaged. It was like something out of a fairy tale; especially since I stumbled across Villa Castellamonte by accident while I was online. The staff, the grounds, and the entire atmosphere was breathtaking. I wish I had spent more than one day there. I flew there from NY for one day, just to ask my girlfriend (now fiance) to marry me. By far it was the most enchanting day of our lives. See you soon!!
Author: Craig Posted at 20:34 05/6/2003
Wonderful! This is one of those places you dream about but can never afford yourself. Luxury vacations are definitely the way to go and this place is beyond compare. Check out the hand-painted murals and you'll think you are in Italy! Step outside and you'll see you are in the Caribbean. AWESOME!
Author: Brian Posted at 11:15 05/6/2003

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