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H10 Coco Bavaro

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My family and friends just returned from Punta Cana. The hotel itself was very nice - it was clean and the grounds were beautiful and well maintained. The beach was great and the pools were as well. The complaints we had were the fact very few people spoke English - majority were Italian along with French and German. Our 15 year son and his friend had a difficult time enjoying activities because of the language barrier so it was fortunate they had each other. We couldn't take wind surfing lessons because there wasn't an English speaking instructor. Some of the hotel staff were very rude but the majority were very friendly and the cleaning staff were excellent. The entertainment staff were OK but they played the same music every day at the same time - after 2 weeks it was annoying. We met folks from the US and Britian who were running into similar difficulties with the language barrier. Was anyone aware that if you were not from Canada or Italy you couldn't access the buffet on the Italian side of the resort? (That would be those of you with purple arm bands) The food at this buffet was excellent. We ate with our new found friends a few times in the International buffet and it was mediocore at best. We were also disappointed in the a la carte restaurants - one was Mexican which we finally succeeded getting into on our last night (we were there 2 weeks!!!) and a Argentinian meat fest - 2 potatoes, rice and 8 types of meat! There was a bad smell from the sewer but that is to be expected - the rooms were clean and we had no difficulty with the plumbing but we heard from others who had plumbing problems.
Overall the vacation was what we expected - relaxing but I wouldn't recommend this particular resort unless they speak Italian or French and don't mind being pushed around by other guests. Oh yeah if you're Canadian buy your pesoes at home or take American money - the hotel exchange was 9.5 to the $ for Cdn and 18.50 for US (the banks in Canada are around 13 to 1) The bank in the little town was a little better at 10.35 to 1 Cdn and 20.65 to 1 US. Any activity outside the all inclusive very expensive.
Author E-Mail: LWall Review date: 01/25/2003



I agree with most of this reviewer's comments-we (7) stayed at h10 in january 2003 for two weeks- firstly it's located on the east coast-punta cana-we are Canadians so had the choice of eating at either buffet- the italian restaurant was ok but we often chose the main buffet for better service especially at breakfast when we could get coffee without a fight

beautiful beach-clean and very well maintained - language problem was standard almost anywhere you travel- learn a little spanish and you will get excellent service- the sewer smell is from the huge septic tank system necessary to keep the beach clean especially with so many people using the facilities- HOLA Amigos-we'll be back
Author: dmd240 Posted at 21:12 05/27/2003

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