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playa naco

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Being our first time in the Dominican, a little disappointed. Although it rained a few days, the drainage system needs lots of work, water holds up everywhere and we were walking in water everywhere on all the sidewalks to our ankles, it even came into our room from under the door. The tile floors are very very slippery when wet, a few people fell as they do not wipe up right away. The food was okay lots of it at anytime, no milk was served all week, the coffee was good, but not served hot, luke warm, drinks were very good. The staff was cheerful and polite at all times. The beach was raked up everyday and very nice the sun was hot! Did not go into downtown, the little shop we visited was nothing to brag about. Did not snorkel, had to go 1 1/2 hours to get to it by boat that other people said they did not like because of the motor smell. Went on a mountain tour okay but nothing great. Enjoyed the most: sun and relaxation!!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/2/2003



It was my first time ever in the Dominican. I had never been out of my own country. I never felt more at home away from home at Playa Naco. The staff was amazing they were so helpful and kind. I met many now good friends while down there. My family and i play to return on a yearly basis.
Author: Katey Caldwell Posted at 9:33 09/15/2003
I loved every minute of it ! I love Playa Naco and it's staff !
Author: Nilda Gutierrez Posted at 14:02 08/18/2003
I've Been to Playa Naco 4 times, and out of the 4 Times i can't tell which one i liked the best.The staff is very nice.The food is wonderful and very delicious.Room service is wonderful!!! There's nothing that i didn't like about that hotel and I would recommend that you go.
Author: anonymous Posted at 21:28 06/30/2003

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