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Iberostar Bavaro

Rating: Above average Phone: (809) 221-6500 Website:
Location: East Coast Fax: E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Above average
Food: Above average Decor: Above average Service: Excellent
We got back from this property two days ago, so here is what I remember.

First, the property has 3 hotels: the Bavaro, the Dominicana and the Punta Cana. The Bavaro is the premium property and is distinguished by 1) the fact that you can eat or drink at the other two resorts (Dominicana and Punta Cana) but the guests at the other two can't drink or eat at the Bavaro, 2) that the call brands at the bar include Gordons and Tangary Gin, Dewars and Johnny Walker Scotch, Stoly Vodka and so on and 3) that the better grounds seems to be at the Baravo. Incedentally, they have cigars and cigaretts for sale at the bars and in the shops!

Second, if you're from Europe, the topless bathing will be no problem. If you're from the US, most of the women wear suit tops, but some of the Euro's don't, and sometimes that is not a good thing. I saw some rather large women, and women with more rolls than a dunk'n donuts, walking around topless. Truthfully, after an hour or so (and with the rare exception) I'd rather use my imagination!

The weather was very nice, and a pre-tan is a good idea. The sun is intense and a block in the range of 15-30 is advisable. The water is a green/blue, and the beach is really quite nice. We went swimming several times to cool off and the swimming was good.

They have a number of AM and FM stations in the area, so a personal AM/FM set-up will work well. They have several stores on site, so if you forget tooth paste, razors, suntan lotion or anthing else, they have it for you.

The staff was fantastic and tried to learn our names and what we liked to drink. We tipped semi-liberally, so we got the best service (to the chigrin of some of the Euros). If you tip your chambermaid, she'll do what ever she can to please. I asked ours to change our "mix" of beverages in our mini-bar and she did! $3-4/day and you'll get whatever you like.

Please remember to bring your Immodium and an anti-biotic like Levaquin. The water is not for US Citizen consumption and we ran into several people who got quite ill on our vacation. Mostly the two end "flu" and de-hydration. Eat meats (pork, lamb, beef) in moderation and eat the fish and shell fish, which are excellent. The food there is non-stop, and the variety is significant!

If anyone asked, we'd go back and spend another week there again. In fact, I hope that I'd see many of the same people there: Anna Banana, Juan Carlos, Alhandro and a cast of dozens made our viste very memorable. Others who also made our visit memorable were Mike & Tammi from Chicago, the 8-some from Wisconsin, the folks from Long Island NY, the girls (the really white girls) from New Hampshire, Cory and Lori from Grand Rapids, Mi., and Francou and Sophi from Quebec City. We met so many friendly, interesting people who made our visit what it was. Our hats are off to all of you!
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/9/2003



Author: Iberostar Posted at 21:07 09/23/2011
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Author: gsdg Posted at 8:48 08/10/2008
I don't think I would want you to ever visit my resort... no offense but you and your wife sound like a huge pain in the ass. You should stay home and hide in your own hacienda.
Author: Dave from Wisconsin Posted at 20:53 11/14/2006
Sounds like David is lucky to ever found a wife that can go along with his various complaints. Seems like he ran out of gas on his honey moon weekend and had nothing else to do but write about his problems.

Maybe once the guy grows up and his wife get smart and leaves him, he'll learn more. I really feel sorry for his wife stuck with this type of guy, if she is still married to him.
Author: mike Posted at 15:52 05/20/2006
Hey! Helen! Please don't lump all American's into Mr. Lundquist's category. No one likes a "stereo-typer"!!!

We visited this resort a couple of years back and had an excellent time! The people were awesome and the beach and grounds just beautiful.

I'd really love to go back some day.
Author: Barb Posted at 17:55 03/30/2006
SO...this is why the Americans are widely regarded by the rest of the world as "rude, obnoxcious and ignorant". One can not seriously expect the whole world to speak English...if you are trveling to a foreign country you should respect, if not embrace their culture...

My husband and I have traveled to Punata Cana for the last ten years and we love it. Beautiful? Yes. Romantic? Yes, but it's up to you to create that special spark-since all of the backdrop & the scenery is already there! Let me break something to you-th romance comes from within-in case you are looking to have it catered to you on a silver platter. On that note, if you were frustrated wiht the ambiance, the hotel accomodations, the nature(for heaven's sake) you should have invested twice as much and you could have gone to a slave-like "we serve you on our knees" resort. If you can not respect other cultures go to DISNEYLAND, FL.
Author: Helen Jones Posted at 15:29 01/24/2006
anyone who goes to the carribiean in july is an idiot if they expect it not to be hot and humid. hello. this guy just can't be satisfied. he obviously did not do his homework before he traveled.
Author: tabillings Posted at 13:34 01/6/2006
I have to say, the review by Mr. Lundquist was one of the funniest things I've read in awhile. Someone like this should just stick to vacationing in the U.S., if at all. As for "tward's" message, I would like to mention that there were many many large, overweight men running around in speedos and the like. I liked that women there weren't hung up about their appearance like they tend to be in the U.S.
Author: Cali Posted at 21:50 12/26/2005
I will say that this review was very rude & not accurate. I went to the resort in 2001 & I will be returning next week. I can honestly say the man who wrote that overly descriptive review sounds insanely hard to please & way too uptight. The resort is beautiful, the beach is gorgeous & needs not to be compared to the Bahamas, which is not even that great. The staff was so friendly, we actually went to the club with some members of the staff. The steakhouse had great food as well as the other restaurants. Also, if you are nice & treat people the way you would like to be treated, they will allow you to go to the restaurants more than 3x. The overall atmosphere is so relaxed & beautiful w/ a freindly environment. I dont see how you cannot enjoy yourself.
Author: Joanne Abbate Posted at 13:20 10/15/2005
The previous review was totally incorrect and distorted. We have visited this resort 3 times and will be returning the end of March for another week. They have a doctor on staff 24/7 and provided my wife excellent care after being stung by a wasp at the beach. It's amazing this guy didn't know it would be hot and humid in the Carribean. We love the food and drinks. At the main bars they have most of the high end liquors and beers for the asking. The staff is always friendly, and yes they speak Spanish, and most are trying to learn English. I found the communication interesting and fun. If you look at most of the reviews on this site and others. you will find how great Iberostar and this resort really is. We have been to Mexico, Bahamas, and other Carribean resorts, this is the best we have ever been to.
Author: l. johnson Posted at 11:10 02/10/2005
this is the only review i have seen that has actually complained about any of the resorts in Punta Cana.. i mean who complains about how the people live there? AND WHO CARES ABOUT ANTS?! honestly... obviously this guy is a person that is never satisfied with anything.. my dad went to punta cana 3 years ago and said it was the most beautiful place he has ever seen.. he is taking me in march to go see it for myself and this review just shot all my hopes of actually having a good time!!
Author: Ashley Posted at 9:11 01/31/2005
I suggest that Mr. Lundquist read Juliai Alvarez' book In the Time of the Butterflies. Maybe he would have undderstood a little about this country instead of expecting McDonalds and Ruth's Chris Steak House
Author: A Librarian Posted at 19:07 11/19/2004
My wife and I stayed seven nights at this resort for our honeymoon. We were there from July 12 to July 19. We were told that we would get a non-smoking room on a second floor with an ocean view. When we arrived, we were told that none of the rooms were non-smoking and we were placed on the ground floor. The first evening we noticed that our sliding patio glass door did not lock, so I called guest services to complain and they said they would send someone immediately. We waited an hour and then I called back. They again said someone would be there immediately. We ended up falling asleep holding our passports and valuables. The next day we marched to the front desk and demanded another room. We got one then. This room was better, and the sliding door locked. We wanted to use the safe, but the bolts were out and we needed someone to reset the thing for us, so I called and it took two days to fix that problem. The food was alright, but nothing to brag about. For an all-inclusive resort, it sure was limited. The room service was included, but only had about five items on the menu. The best meal for dinner was a hot dog or hamburger. We were told we could snack all day long and have all the drinks we could drink. This was true, but all the drinks had to be consumed at the place you got them at, and the snacks were not what we call snacks. They were hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, hamburgers, fruit. I was expecting Doritos, candy bars...junk food snacks. All of the food, including the "snack food," had to be eaten at the restaurant/bar where you got them at. Nothing could be brought back to the rooms. The grounds were beautiful, with flamingos and peacocks walking around. There were man-made ponds with tons of fish and turtles. That was the best thing about the place. The beach was nice, but not as beautiful as one would have been at Aruba or the Bahamas. The worst thing about this resort is the customer service. The place had tons of activities, with maps in the rooms showing where they were, but if you needed any clarification or wanted to know what the schedules were, they wouldn't tell you. They'd just say, "there's a board way over there....just look for yourself." The staff never went out of their way to help at all. Very disappointing. For it being a 6-star resort, I thought the Days Inns here did better jobs. The weather was great, and only rained one time during the day. When the walkways get wet, look out. It's dangerously slippery. My wife stubbed her toe while coming down the stairs. It started bleeding, so we went to the front desk. When we asked for some first aid, we were told that there was none. They told us to walk over to the supermarket and buy our own supplies! Nice service. When I walked over to the supermarket, I learned that they didn't even carry Peroxide, rubbing alcohol, or Band-Aids. The next resort over had a pharmacy. I walked the 5-minutes over there and found out that they were closed. My wife was bleeding and this place had nothing to stop it, or prevent it from getting infected. Thank God she didn't seriously cut herself...she would have bled to death! The resort would send us free mini bottles of rum with a fruit plate almost every day because they messed up, but that didn't satisfy us. They even had the maids leave us tee-shirts with the resort logo on them. I'll be wearing those any time soon. They'll make good rags though. The resort offered free transportation between the three Iberostars that were next to each other there in Punta Cana. The first time we did it, the staff was very quick and we got immediate service. That was the first night though. The other six nights we found that if anyone was busy, you ended up waiting a half hour (10 minutes to them) for someone to take you anywhere. We ended up just walking to the places. The only problem with walking was that it was so humid there, that if you walked any long distance, your clothing stuck to you with sweat. I lost five pounds being there seven days from sweating so much. All of the building are open except your sleeping room. At night you would sit there eating dinner or waiting for a ride for a half hour and just start dripping with sweat. I constantly had to dab my forehead and face with a towel or napkin to soak up the sweat. My face broke out with acne because it was so oily all day long. Their restaurants were buffets, and if you wanted the nice places, you had to make reservations with the guest services. Then they would only allow you to make THREE for the seven nights you were there. Not very unlimited all-inclusive as we expected. You can't drink the tap water or you'll get sick. We used bottled water to brush our teeth. We took an excursion outside of the resort and realized that this country was pretty bad off. The people live in little sheds with tin roofs and the thing that got to us the most was the amount of trash that was everywhere. There are literally no trash cans in the whole country. As you drive along the roads, there is trash lining the sides. The yards of the homes had trash all over the whole yard. People just lived with it there. They have their own cattle which they butcher and serve hamburgers from. That may explain why I got diarrhea from eating a hamburger for lunch on our fifth day there. Their fancy steak house had like five steaks on their menu. No Filet Mignon or Prime Rib. Just chop steak, rib eye, and some other steak I had never heard of. There was also a chicken breast you could get. If you didn't know Spanish while there, beware... The locals didn't hardly know any English. People we spoke with who didn't know any Spanish really had a hard time. The wait staff and store employees didn't know any English. My wife, thank God, knew Spanish. I felt as though she was my translator. I know a little Spanish and was speaking it mostly. There are mostly Germans, French, Italians, and Americans at the three Iberostar resorts there. It's a family resort with little kids running around, so if you want some place romantic, don't chose this place. In the Caribbean there are these tiny ants that are almost transparent. They are literally everywhere. In your sleeping rooms, restaurants, everywhere. We were eating at one of the fancy restaurants one night and got to the dessert. My wife noticed these ants crawling all over it. We both lost our appetites and left. Overall we were disappointed in the resort and will never return for any reason. And we plan on writing a letter of complaint to the corporate headquarters. :(
Author: David Lundquist Posted at 11:25 07/28/2004

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