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Fiesta Bavaro

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: East Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Punta Cana Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Average Decor: Above average Service: Excellent
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 02/21/2003



We stayed at this resort Jan29 - Feb 5 2004. We had a GREAT TIME! I have read many of the reviews listed and what people have complained about really make me laugh!

Transportation: we flew condor airlines. did not have a problem. food was suprisingly good both there and back!!!!

Check in: took 5 minutes. apple rep was there to greet us and we had our meeting the next morning. We were a little late due to weather conditions in Chicago. It was snowing and they had to defrost ALL planes at the airport.

Hotel Grounds: they were beautiful. we never had a problem finding our room or our way around the resort complex. we explored the grounds our first day to get a feel for what the hotel was like and were fine the rest of our trip. **there is a shuttle that runs every 10 minutes or so, just wait inthe lobby and you will have no problem** (at least we didn't. we gound our room without a problem and as long as we stayed on the trails it was pretty self explanatory.

Rooms: Perfect! TIP-make sure that your balcony door is completely shut in order for the tv and air conditioner to work!!!!! We had a comfortable king size bed in a newly remolded room. everything worked fine. Only complaint here is the outlet. there was only one North American polarized outlet in the room. (behind the television) aside from that we were less than 5min walk to pool, lobby, beach, snack bar and sports bar! room 1451

Food: YOU ARE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY DO NOT EXPECT THE SAME FOOD YOU ARE USED TO AT HOME!! We have traveled to europe and mexico and compared to them we thought that food was good. It was definately different but still good. Neither of us got sick and we tried EVERYTHING! We at at Mare Norstrom and Tex Mex. Both were delicious!!!!! Not a complaint fromthe either of us. My boyfriend is not used to trying new things but we enjoyed ourselves and ate great each day.
Sports Bar has the best hamburgers. Steak cooked to order in the buffet in the lobby was excellent! Ketchup is very different. Breakfast was great! Omlets and french toast every day!
I have one additional remark about the restaurants- I don' tknow why people from the US have such a hard problem wearing a shirt to eat. we didn't. i really do not think it is that big of a deal and sooo many people complain about it.

Culture: We felt safe through out our entire trip! The people were the friendliest we have encountered! Everyone always had a smile on their face.

Beach: One word....INCREDIBLE!!!!
We never had a problem finding chairs on the beach or at the pool and we usually strolled down there around 10am each morning. there were some towels out on chairs but there were plenty of chairs to go around at both beach and pool.

Excursions: we did 2. the kon-tiki booze cruise with snorkeling- so much fun! we met a lot of great people and partied all day! the staff were very nice and fun and made sure that everyone enjoyed themselves.
speedboats: exciting! they take you out actually driving the 2 person boat about 30 min away then you go snorkeling. my boyfriend and i had our own guide that gave us food to feed the fish out of our hands! this by far was some of the best snorkeling!

Conclusion: we had a great time. we met some great people and just relaxed on the beach. i have seen some bad reviews about this resort and i really do not understand why. the weather was perfect we had one partly cloudy day and it only rained at night. i would definately go back in a heart beat!

P.S. please make sure to tip! A dollar will go a long way!!
Author: t Posted at 0:12 03/1/2004
The whole Fiesta Complex is beautiful, we stayed at the Palace and used all the 3 other resort facilities.
Author: hlywud Posted at 7:40 08/6/2003

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