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To anyone who comes back from Bahia Principe and feels the need to write a crummy review on the resort --> PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. If Bahia Principe, a big bite of Paradise and Heaven on Earth doesn't satisfy you, I'm not sure what does.
I have been there twice with my entire family, and yes, we WILL return with pleasure. The resort is absolutely phenomenal. I have never rested, partied, ate, and suntanned as much as I did on my beautiful stay at the Bahia. My family ranges from ages 16-50, and EVERYONE had an absolutely breath-taking time. So much so, that I dreamed about it for 3 weeks straight after returning home. It is truly a resort out of a dream...and it will definately make you want more. TRUST ME! Make sure that you visit it at least once in your lifetime, and for those who have and were not satisfied, I send you my greatest wishes on fulfilling your unrealistic expectations elsewhere.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 03/1/2003



We have been to bahia principe in puerto plata 10 times in 3 years.. It is not a 5 star resort but it is clean and well looked after..It is not a brand new resort but you couldn't ask for more friendly people who try their best to please y ou..Try not to get on the first floor rooms at all they tend to flood very badly after a rain storm..A word of advise.. if you need anything from the front desk staff.. please do not go shouting at them they do not react well to shouting they are very laid back and will do anything for you if you are nice and speak nicely to them..We have never had any trouble with this resort and always gotten whatever we asked for even switching our rooms for very small reasons..Over all this resort is a very good place to go if you want a rest and relaxation holiday.. There is also alot of things for you to do around the resort and the staff keep you very busy (if you want to be involved) during the day and nite.. I recommend you go try it..
Author: sue Posted at 15:59 10/18/2009
I've been to Bahia Principe in Varadero, Cuba and was very satisfied with the stay and had a great time. We met a couple who've been in Bahia Principe, San Juan and told us that it's a lot better compared to the Cuba i'm looking forward to my trip on December 6th and hopefully I'll be accessing this site again after a week telling you about my'amazing' stay.....i'm keeping my fingers cross and hopefully i don't get back with Malaria (iiiwwww!!). will keep u all posted.....
Author: Aiza Posted at 17:40 12/5/2004
Just returned on March. This is not a 4 star is a 3. The rooms are looking run down and the large pool needs the bottom repainted. The food is OK. Our family had a great time. There were lots of chairs by both the pool and beach. We loved the night life especially the street. This was one of our cheapest holidays so from that point it was good value. We did get bitten and I never saw the bugs. The ocean was dirty because of rough waters. The sand is also dark. We were with another couple who absolutley hated the place. My family would all go back there.
Author: jean Posted at 11:20 03/29/2004
As a family we will be visiting the Bahia Principe. Concerned about sand fleas/flies, any more info?
Author: Ange Posted at 7:10 07/8/2003
Me & my family went to the Bahia Principe at the end of January 2003...We've been to a 5 star in the Dominican before and the Bahia resort doesn't even come close to it...Unfortunately, we went to a 5 star resort first...I guess we had higher expectations than others and were some what disappointed...We also had a very bad experience with sand fleas/bugs, but the problem wasn't on the beach...they were in the bed and since they are almost invisible you didn't realize that you were getting bitten alive under the covers...We found that many others also had this problem, especially if your room was located on the main floor as ours was...Lets just say that the sand fleas experience was more than enough for us to never want to go back to the Dominican ever again...If your booked in this facility, Please bring industrial grade bug repellent and make sure your room is not on the 1st warned.
Author: Bug Bitten & Not Amused Posted at 21:58 03/4/2003

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