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Fun Royale/Fun Tropicale

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Above average Decor: Average Service: Excellent
Travelled there the end of February 2003---Met up with two groups of friends---one retired in late 60's and one in late 30's with two children 8 and 12.

The hotel rooms given were average for the value--but all of us agreed the service, quality and quantity of food and entertainment was excellent. The service staff and entertainment staff were full of fun, had time for you and provided the very best of shows.

The rooms we had were on the bottom floor and smelt mouldy and musty. My friends with the two children opted to move to the second floor and did not have that problem there. The retired couple were given a condo for the same price. They found the rooms a bit echoey. All of us only used the rooms for sleeping and spend little time there.

There was continuous round trip service on a van and a tractor pulled seated pull wagon back and forth to the beach--5 minute walk away---and there was never a problem getting beach chairs or food or drink there at any time.

Every afternoon from 3 pm on there were games and activities for draws and every second day a free trip to the waterpark or the bumper car field or in the evenings to Heminways bar or the Jack TAr Casino (all drinks paid) or trip to Mardi Gras in Peurto Plata---always something day and evening for free.

The nightly entertainment was some of the best I have witnessed---Have been to Mexico, Cuba, Panama and Florida. It was professional and alot of time and effort went into scenery and costimes as well as importing talents from elsewhere---example we had the Dominican Ballet--Coco Playa masquerades.

Of all the last 7 years of vacation--this was the best value for the money--I would highly recommend it.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 03/10/2003



stayed here may 2008. rooms still a little poor(had four different ones in two weeks) but everything else fantastic!!! animations team shows and activities all excellent!!!! i will go back again soon
Author: claire mitchell Posted at 5:32 06/9/2008
I just got back from vaca this past week and had the most amazing time ever the people who worked on the resort were the nicest most fun people i have ever met. I will be going back this upcoming May. ! Thank you to everyone who works at fun tropicale ESPECIALLY ALBERTO(animation team)
Author: LeighAnne Naccarato Posted at 16:20 01/18/2008
i have been to this particullar resort a number of times and it improved all the time the staff are great the rooms are lovely an great views the food is amazing i go there all the time and this year is my first back after 3 years an i cant wait so if you dont like it get lost cause this aint the resort for picky annoying people its for family and friens to go and have a good time
Author: denham Posted at 7:07 04/25/2006
We have just returned from 1 week with the Fun Royalle Tropicale.. life is what you make of it.. we found the resort pleasant and clean...the staff was excellent...if you don't mind a quick walk or shuttle ride to the beach, I recommend the value for this resort..The Italian restaurant is amazing...the maitred is excellent and our server Juan.. was attentive...we enjoyed this so much that we dined there 3 nights... just be prepared to get up early to book this restaurant by 7am...The complaints that I heard were from people with greater expectations than the 3/4 star rating... you want posh then be prepared to pay...$650/wk all inclusive... I got my money's worth and more...I recommend this to any one who wants a relaxing holiday... Thanks to the staff who made our stay fun... and attended to all our needs as they arose.
Author: cathi and lyle hill Posted at 11:48 02/6/2006
I have just returned from this resort. our check-in was horrible, it made us all just want to leave this beautiful tropical island and go home to below zero tempatures. we were a party of 6 adults and they put us into a onebed room condo. the rooms are small to begin with, and the bedroom had one queen bed. and the living room had a pull out sofa. that slept 2. they brought in 2 rollaways. during the day the sofa bed had to be put away and one of the rollaways had to be kept on the balcony. everyone not sleeping in the queen bed in the bedroom had to make their beds every nite. to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom was impossible, because the entire condo was lines with beds.
we did not spend much time in the room, however it rained 3 days straight while we were there, so many times we were back in the room early at night and most days, because everything requires outdoor activities. however I did notice lots of people playing board games and cards in the dinning room. just to get out of the cramped rooms. also at check-in the front desk supervisor was checking us in and was not friendly, she did not speak very good english(which was expected) and she did not show any empathy for 6 people in a onebedroom. this may be a third world country. but when I an american spend a week of vacation (when I only get 2 a year) and spend as much as we did. I want to enjoy my vacation. be prepared to pay $40 usd cash( no cc) at check in for elec. you do need to do the all inclusive, otherwise your food is very expensive. and their are a few restaurants within walking distance at the Plaza. we did manage to have a great time outside of the room. the main pool was alot of fun lots of activites, the nightly entertainment was excellent. the food was good. must go to the Itailian restaurant, need reservations. we were bothered everyday to go the time share meetings. gift shop is not good at all. the best day we had was when we left the hotel and went on the outback safari. this is a must do. and the best deal was the rum at the brugel rum factory. I would not recommend this property to anyone. I would go back to Puerto Plata, and stay else where.
Author: UNKNOWN Posted at 10:41 02/3/2005
Just returned from Fun Royale three days ago and loved it! As noted by others, it's a well appointed and clean resort, if not the "newest" on the beach. We LOVED the adult-only pool, which gave us a respite from the louder activity pool. Good for some, but not our thing.

Our room was clean and comfortable (although I would have loved a fitted sheet - colour me spoiled!) - and certainly acceptable for what we paid for the week. Over all a rave review for Fun Royale. Maybe not the newest kid on the block, but still holding her head high!
Author: Pat Posted at 22:23 03/30/2004
I have been to this hotel and it keeps getting better!
The food is above average, the entertainment is excellent and the pool is just great.
Author: Virginia Gomes Posted at 3:49 03/18/2004
We have just returned from our stay at the Fun Royale. We had many problems starting with check in. They had over booked and had no room for us. We spent the next two days sorting out our room situation and we were only there for 7 days. Service at the front desk was great and very friendly but most of the staff at the resort did not speak english so to speak with the maids was impossible. We had mold on the walls of the bathroom and on Thurs. 2 days before we left they came and painted over it. We had problems ordering wine with dinner, it came when we were done our meal and ready to leave and they still wanted us to pay for it. I did enjoy the entertainment and the people working the main pool area were great and made the trip. I also appreciated the cab driver that toured us around. I have stayed at the Flemenco for our honeymoon and was excited to return to the Dominican but was disappointed with our resort this stay. The only saving grace was that no matter where you go in the Dominican everyone is friendly and happy to see you.
Author: A. Lavery Posted at 11:35 03/10/2004
Just came back the first week in febuary and had a delightful time. We had a double room on ground floor. It is very hard to say anything bad because of the tropical area is well maintained and lots of bugs. So we had a wonderful time and the staff was great and great food. Service was very good. The Northerners were always complaining because they are spoiled but really need to know this is a third world and a very poor country. We are spoiled ....Thank you for your efforts and entertaining atmostphere....
Author: Jim Buscemi Posted at 12:31 02/17/2004
Stayed 3 times in yhe last 5 years. going back this May. We travel with elderly dad who is made to feel part of a huge family by all the staff. FANTASTIC place.
Author: Rachel Cox Posted at 16:05 02/10/2004
I've just returned from my second visit to the hotel and i have fallen in love with the place! The area and the people make it the most welcoming and enjoyable place ever. The eveing entertainment is of excellent quality as is the day time activities. The rooms are also of high standard and continually looked after. The food is wonderful and varies from night to night. I would recommend it for everyone!
Author: carly adams Posted at 14:26 09/12/2003
My family and I have just returned from this resort, and I have to agree there are many trips to the waterpark etc, but they are not free!!! When you are part of a family of six this can work out quite expensive! The evening entertainment is excellent and the shows are very professional, but at weekend this whole resort is overtaken by the locals who have season tickets and it is not a nice resort to be in at weekends. You may find it difficult to get a table at the buffet restaurant and enjoy the pool facilities, and poolside snackbar during the weekend period if you are not prepared to push and shove, a bit of a surprise when all week the complex was a haven of friendly activity. The food was excellent ,rooms very basic but enough for comfort.

Excellent complex just let down by the locals at weekends who were at the very best quite rude.
Author: cathy Wykes Posted at 11:28 08/16/2003

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