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Sun Village

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Cofresi Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Average Decor: Average Service: Horrible
I hope word gets out that this is the worst hotel ever. Please, take my advice and don't stay here. I went with my husband and three kids to "relax" which was impossible. Everything is far away and to get anywhere you have to climb tons of stairs. Try walking around with a 2 month old in a stroller up and down a million stairs everytime you need to go to your room or to the dining room or to the pool.
The website claims it's a six star hotel and new (the website looks amazing, looks are deceiving!) It's old and dirty with a few new renovations. (Plus there's only one six star hotel in the world.) This hotel would be lucky to be classified as a two star hotel. The website promises several amenities.....but when you get there it's a different story. Dirty rooms with small uncomfortable beds, tiny dirty bathrooms. Our first night we found 3 cockroaches crawling around the floor....only could kill two and when we called to complain at midnight we didn't get much help. Sort of like a "tough luck" attitude and if we really were upset they could send someone up to fumigate. Yeah, at midnight fumigate the room so we would be the ones to die and the cockroach would still be crawling all over the place.
Only one nice pool, the 3 tier one. We stayed there as much as possible in order to salvage our vacation as much as possible. The other pools are not cleaned or maintained properly.
Food has good flavor, but no variety. Plus, not like other all-inclusive hotels where you serve yourself. You have to wait in line for the dining staff to serve you and they give you tiny spoonfuls and when you ask them to give you more they do so grudgingly.
Check out time was what ended everything on a sour note. We were told we could check out at 2 pm, so at 1 pm we left the pool to return to the room to shower and change. After climbing a million stairs, when we got to the room we found they had de-activated our room key at 12 pm. I had to go all the way back to reception to re-activate the key. I was extremely pissed....why give an extension (check out is normally at 1 pm) to 2 pm to check out if they were going to de-activate the locks 2 hours beforehand? Finally when we got to the room and had our bags we decided to walk downstairs to find a golf cart to take us up to the lobby. When we got downstairs, mind you with three suitcases, stroller (with baby asleep inside) and a diaper bag we found a golf cart parked outside an adjacent building and asked the man to let us put 2 of the suitcases in the cart and that we'd meet him in the lobby since the baby was asleep in the stroller. The guy looked behind him (the cart was empty) and said "No, there's no room". We were incredulous and asked again, and he said "No, can't be done". 2 guests who saw the commotion came over and were the ones to help us carry our bags up all the stairs to the lobby. When we complained in the lobby, again our complaints fell on deaf ears. I have never been so happy to return home from a vacation in my life!
If you want to vacation on the North Coast, do NOT go to Sun Village. Go to Iberostar where they know how to treat you and the facilities are all excellent.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 05/6/2003



You seem to be very computer literate
Why did U not do your research like everybody else that likes to travel and you would not have had one suprise try doing that nextime that's what we do and it works
Author: Stephen Posted at 8:22 06/17/2004
hmmmm.... I wonder if this person works for Iberostar.... That's the only way I can think that this person could write this review. Just returned from Sun Village a few days ago and it was amazing. I've posted my review a few places and here it is again:

After reading a bunch of the post about the place I had grown pretty concerned myself about the trip I was taking there this past week. I stayed at Sun Village from June 2-4 and had prepared myself for the worst. I was pretty sure I (or one/many of the people in my party) would become sick... i thought the room would be a nightmare. generally I was not looking forward to going there.

to my surprise it was VERY NICE... i was stunned after being there a few days that people would write such awful things about this resort. First off we'll start with the grounds. If you have been to the website and seen the pics, it looks exactly like the pictures there... the place was beautiful. The pools which I was expecting to get violently ill from just sticking my foot into were beautiful and surprisingly didn't make me sick.

while we're on the subject of sickness at the resort... my girfriend saw one guy on an IV, but that was it and we didn't hear one thing about anyone else being sick... My girlfriend got sick one day but it wasn't from the food, rather we are pretty sure it was because of getting dehydrated from being out in the sun too much the day before... I ate the same things that she did and I wasn't sick at any point... And we ate at the buffet the entire time (which seems to me like it would be the least safe place to eat) and with no problems to report. The food was pretty good... although I was somewhat cautious after reading all of the stories on these pages, which now seem exaggerated to put it lightly.

as for the accomodations. we were in building 6 on the 3rd floor. This is the only thing that I would "complain" about... but it isn't a horror story like some would like to feed you. when we first got into the room and turned on the sink in the bathroom the drainage pipe underneath was not properly aligned and the drainage went onto the floor... a little ducking down to see what the problem was and a slight alignment (no tools required) was all that was needed to fix that. Then starting on the second day, the air conditioning unit that was in our room was started to condensate water over the ceiling in the bathroom... i just adjusted the AC to fan only (which kept the room plenty cool) and leak was fixed. The bed was a king size and comfortable. The room was on par with what I would expect in a 3 star hotel... not bad and certainly not scary either. We never had anything of our own messed with (and we didn't even use a locker). I left a five $5 USD tip out each night for the cleaning crew. It wasn't as nice as the room we had at Jack Tar (oh yeah, we stayed there the 2 nights before we were at Sun Village), but it was nicer than the room we had at the H10 Ocean Bavaro resort near Bavaro (we stayed there the night after Sun Village).

So, I also have something to compare the Sun Village to... In fact, look at the reviews for Jack Tar and they are nearly unanimous in their complementing the place... I was as surprised as anyone when everyone in our party of 4 said their favorite resort that we stayed at was Sun Village.

the beach was okay, but it was somewhat rough the time we were there so we didn't venture into the water there. The water in this part of the DR wasn't as clear as the beach on the south-eastern coast... my complaints about the beach here would also apply to Jack Tar a few miles away.

My words of advise would be this...I wouldn't drink the tap water (well, duh... but I imagine that a percentage of the people that are getting sick are dealing with Motezuma's Revenge). Tip the staff, this will endear you to the staff as I don't believe that most of the people there tip since many are from Europe where it isn't customary. Don't worry about this trip... Seriously... I worried myself sick about this resort before going because of the stuff that I had read and found it to be without foundation when I got there. And going in the offseason was nice as the place seemed like it was really at only 25% capacity or so the whole time there... We had entire pools to ourselves for hours at a time.

RELAX... your vacation will be great.

Author: Derrick Posted at 11:42 06/8/2004
This person who is whining about Sun Viiliage has their head up their (you know what ) The service and the people who work there are awesome! They have also recently invested 6 million U.S in new construction on site!! I have stayed there as have friends and family and we have been treated like royalty. Thank you Sun Villiage!! I hope I never see you at a resort!!
Author: bill byrnell Posted at 21:44 11/4/2003
My husband and myself are going to the sun village in 3 weeks time. When I read the first reveiw I was starting to get a bit worried, but thankfully other people do not seem to agree with 'annonymous'.
Author: diana Posted at 13:38 10/3/2003
I am shocked to read to super critical reviews that have been written about Sun Village. I have just returned from an amazing vacation filled with amazing service, delicious food, the friendliest people, and constant entertainment. I can't imagine complaining about anything, unless I was extremely spoiled. There are alot of stairs, but I enjoyed them as they allow for beautiful views and a variety of areas to relax in...they also provide you with some exercise to burn off the delicious Pina Coladas. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who is looking for a good time, but not looking for every aspect to be perfect. Relax and enjoy learning about the culture. The locals love to share.
Author: sue Posted at 0:33 09/28/2003
I agree with Patrick. We must have been there shortly after him. We had one of the renovated rooms, nice, clean, etc. The only drawback was the stairs everywhere, but you get used to it in a few days. For a Caribbean all inclusive resort, the food was good. The name restaurants were great. The people there are great, and if you talk to them, treat them like the nice people they are, you get treated well. Enjoyed the beach area the most.
We decided we would go back there, so that says it all.
Author: Bob from MA Posted at 10:26 07/23/2003
What a load of rubbish!!!!!!!!!!

I returned 2 days ago after spending 2 excellent weeks there. The whole resort was very well maintained and very clean. You comment on the pools - what planet are you on - each of the 6 pools are up to standard.

If the 5 different restaurants are not enough for you - jump in a taxi and go out to one!

The Service was 1st class, everyone was only too glad to help - maybe the attitude you have so ably demonstrated had something to do with your problems? Our room was fine and it had a huge, comfortable bed.

It is worth noting however that they are currently working on enlarging the rooms and bathrooms but we did find them fine.

Your only genuine comment was the stairs - yes there are loads. My wife and I are fit and don't have kids but our brochure, agent and rep all told us not to go there if you have kids or are immobile. Perhaps you should talk to those who sent you there?

You seem determine to criticise every aspect of the hotel - I think yours is a very, very unreasonable review.

If anyone wants a better, UNBIASED review please email me and I will be only too happy to send you photos and give you an honest opinion.
Author: Patrick Delaney Posted at 13:31 07/14/2003
I dont think this review is very fair. While the reviewer has some legitimate complaints, they have blown many issues out of proportions, probably for being upset about the stairs situation which must have been real problem with strollers. The way you holler into the woods is the way the echo comes back!
Author: stefan Posted at 8:56 07/3/2003

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