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Don Juan Beach Resort

Rating: Average Phone: 809-687-9157 Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: 809-688-5271 E-Mail: [email protected]
City: Boca Chica Contact: Eric Acosta - Reservations Value for money: Excellent
Food: Below average Decor: Average Service: Above average
I stayed here for 4 days/3 nights and can tell you that, even though people are as friendly and helpful as you can get, the hotel needs some major repairs and touches.

Check-In: 3PM - They accept early arrivals for an extra charge of Approx. US$10.00 per person
Check-Out: 1PM - If you stay until 5PM they will charge US$10.00 per person. Later than that is a full day rate charge.

ROOMS: The rooms are big but are in need of restoration and redecoration. They have a queen size bed and a sofa bed, which is quite comfortable and useful when you have more than two people in the room. The have the Captain's Club Rooms or Villas, which are almost like a one bedroom apartment, very nice and comfortable, and the difference in price, is like $20 per night. These are the nicest rooms of the house, and usually sold out because of large groups and families that need that extra space.

FACILITIES: The gardens, pool and beach area is kept very clean. There is staff in the mornings cleaning and watering plants, working with the pool, etc. There are two pools, the big one where the Restaurant La Caleta (where you eat all of your meals is), which is very bright and no deeper than 4 ft. and the other pool, where the animation shows take place, which I believe is like 8 ft deep.

FOOD: This is the least satisfying part of the resort. There was a problem with either cheese or tomatoes because it made the food taste pretty bad, and I got sick. You can go to the "A La Carte" Restaurant thet is inside the resort, there you pay for a much better quality meal. (For example, Lobster is US$10.00 per Lb)

ENTERTAINMENT: Activities in the pool/beach area throughout the day. Nightly shows at 945PM. Disco until 2AM. There is usually someone that starts prepping the crowd before the show, but I found extremely disappointing that these shows are the product of a last minute preparation and not scheduled beforehand. There is a girl that sings and it always made the crowd disappear, maybe she's some kind of magician! Sometimes the games are lengthy and people leave because it gets boring after a while. The entertainers like to talk on the Mic a lot, probably trying to think what to do next.Overall, the shows are good if you're in the mood to relax. **About the Disco** it's like a room that they "turned" into a Disco, small, dark and extremely loud.

STAFF: You'll find them in the pool area, on the beach, on the games during the day, the bike tour (3PM everyday and my favorite!), and at night during the show. Other personnel is helpful and always ready to assist you.

SATISFACTION: It is a great value for your money. As usual I get quotes in pesos, because their currency changes so much, that way we'll always end up saving a lot. I payed about US$55 per couple/per night, for an All-Inclusive. I don;t think it can get much beter that this inside Boca Chica, for an All Inclusive.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 12/2/2003



I have stayed at the DY on several occasions. The phrase "it is a good value" would apply. Room was ok, food was ok and service was ok. Dont expect a bunch and you will not be disappointed.
Author: buck Posted at 19:17 07/5/2005
The Don Juan is a dump. Having stayed there on three occasions I have seen the facilities and personnel go down hill with each visit. On my last visit my room was broken into in the afternoon while I was at the pool and the management could have cared less to the point where I lived with a door on my room which couldn't lock for an additional day as they refused to do anything about it. The quality of everything was substandard including the food. If you want service in a restaurant there forget it as it will not happen. The wait staff is just that--they wait and watch you get everything including silverware. I doubt this place will even exist in 12 months from now. Don't waste your money on this place it isn't worth it at half the price.
Author: Dr Peter Smith Posted at 14:12 07/30/2004

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