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Viva Dominicus Palace/Beach Resort

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: La Romana Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Below average Decor: Below average Service: Below average
I would like to WARN Canadians NOT to go to this resort. I have been to the Caribbean 10x and have never had a bad experience like this. My family and I (10 people + a 10 month baby) decided to take a family vacation at Christmas time and this resort seemed to be the best priced for the star rating, Boy were we wrong!!

We departed Toronto on December 21 on Air Transat. The flight was your typical crammed charter flight. Bagel for breakfast and pay for your drinks. When we arrived in La Romana we were very anxious to get to the resort. It was a quick 20 minute bus ride to the resort.

Trying to check into the resort was very difficult. Alot of employees walking around doing nothing. When it was finally our turn to check in the person at the counter kept searching through a pile of keys, I couldn't understand what they were doing. He put all of our bands on handed me a key and pointed to where our room was on the map. If I didn't take a closer look I wouldn't of realized that we were being placed in the Beach section NOT the Palace, what we paid for. I let the person know that this was unacceptable, this is not what I paid for and refused the room. At that time he told me that they have no rooms at the Palace that they have overbooked the rooms by 86. I wanted to know why my tour operator "World of Vacations" did not contact me to offer me an alternative hotel? No body could answer my question and no World of Vacations representative was to be found. Everyone who got off the bus with us booked at the Palace and were all being told the same story. We were clearly upset as it cost our family over $20,0000 CAD for this vacation.

We took the key to the room they had assigned to us and trecked over. It was a good hike. When we opened the door I was truly disgusted. The room was moldy and musty. It was clearly unkept. We took the room for the night because we have kids and they were tired. Spending one night in this room was certainly enough. I have allergies, there is no way I could have stayed for two weeks in this room. I woke up with a migraine headache. My sister's room had bugs and lizards crawling all over the place. The next morning we went to the front desk and insisted they move us, they once again insisted they had no rooms. I let them know that the condition of these rooms was not acceptable. There solution was to fumigate. I had to stop them from spraying poison into the room where a there was a three year old and 10 month old child. After talking to all these 'managers' at the hotel (not one to be found) and after being shown 5 other rooms we were finally given some what of a decent room. This room was in the 3000 block area of the resort on the 3rd floor. It seemed clean, a little musty but not like the others but there was obvious water damage on the ceiling and on one of the walls and looked like it was moldy. We decided to move to this room as it was one of the best ones we've seen. Days later we were on the beach and it began to rain. We decided to run back to our room. We ran up three flights of stairs and entered the room. I turned on the lights and nothing happened. I then realized we had no power. I walked outside the room to see if I could see anyone working outside at that time I hear loud banging noises and smelled smoke. The smoke and noises were coming from around the corner from our room. I ran back into my room grabbed my children and ran down 3 flights of slippery wet tiled stairs. When we got to the bottom and looked back up there was a big black cloud of black smoke coming from the ceiling. We ran to a nearby restaurant. My sister, who was staying in the complex next to us, was also on her way up to her room when she heard these sounds. She grabbed her 10 month old baby and 3 1/2 year old son and ran down the stairs. Her son fell on the wet tiled stairs. When we got to safety, we seen three chefs running from nearby restaurants with fire extinguishers. I couldn't believe our luck. I was mad and scared. I left my children with my sister and ran to the reception desk of the Dominicus Beach and insisted to see the manager, of course not one was around. I told them what had happened and that we need a new room. The told me that they don't have any rooms. After yelling for 10 minutes and getting nowhere I decided to go back. I ran into another "manager" and once again explained what had happened. Again I was told there were no rooms. He made some phone calls then got off the phone and told me that the maids and security guards are at the rooms and then he walked away. How are maids going to help me??

We finally found out that it was an electrical fire that started in an electrical closet by our room and the air conditioning unit blew up. Again, no rooms. We, like many others, walked around the resort and seen many empty rooms. When I told reception that there were many empty rooms they told us they were for someone else. The service at this hotel is absolutely horrible, unless you are wearing a yellow band on your arm which indicates you are from Italy.

There were many days that we didn't get our room cleaned. I had to continually call for clean towels, water and toilet paper. As we were there for two weeks we asked that they change our sheets, this was never done. When we walked into the buffet the coffee/water girl never came to our table but as soon as the Italians walked in they were served instantly, same at the bar.

I would strongly discourage anyone from going to this hotel. We and many others received the worst service. We were honestly treated very badly. I have never had such an experience like this. I have been to the Dominican 2x prior to this. I was in Punta Cana two years ago at the Riu Bambu and this was the greatest resort/complex and the best service. Please, please, please...........DO NOT STAY AT THE VIVA DOMINICUS PALACE OR BEACH RESORT.

Author: Annonymous Review date: 01/21/2004



This will be the third straight year going to the Palace. It is very respectable and fun location to have a vacation. The food is excellent and the staff are friendly and take great care of our needs. We will be exploring our destinations after this year. during our first visit we talked with numerous people that have done a lot of travelling and they all said that this was the best they have been to. I won't hesitate to go back. Two Thumbs Up
Author: Carl Jordan Posted at 10:22 02/10/2012
housekeeping - excellent
beach - 5 star
food - fair
reception - poor
animation - good
towels - no problem
given yellow wrist bands and we are cdn. I believe yellow indicates time share owners.
overall would rate this resort 31/2 - 4 star
Author: Jean from Canada Posted at 10:38 02/1/2005
this was the worst resort I ever stayed
at. Canadians are treated like second
class citizens. If you are from Italy,
you've got it made in the shade. Don't
wear a canadian wrist band if you wish
any service at all
Author: anonymous Posted at 14:41 01/31/2004

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