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Occidental Grande Flamenco

Rating: Below average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Below average Decor: Average Service: Below average
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/30/2004



Freedom of speech prevails and travelling is a very personal and individual thing, but I have home in the island now, do business here and have used Flamenco many many times among other resorts and this place is often booked full for a reason. So unfortunately this group had a bad time but millions have had a great time! Maybe "someone" got what they deserved? Ever think of that? The resort, the island, the locals and how one treats a person (do unto others does apply here folks) all accounts for the great time you'll have at Flamenco. If you have a problem, go speak to Jose Maria Espart, the General Manager. He'll take good care of everything. Go enjoy Flamenco folks - you'll love it!
Author: Mike Posted at 9:51 08/1/2005
Someone, PLEASE tell me things have gotten much better, going 8/14-21.
Author: Hopeful Posted at 21:34 07/18/2005
puerto rockster please report about your holiday as i have booked in Jul.
I hope things are better now
Author: annoyomous Posted at 5:48 05/7/2005
damnit me and my friends are going there in may wish us luck
Author: Puerto ROcKSter Posted at 11:53 03/28/2005
Author: Alan Ramsdell Posted at 13:23 04/16/2004
We booked at the Occidental Allegro Playa Dorada for 1-28 thru 2-4-04. Our offical greeting was by a desk clerk who asked us 3 times if we were sure we were at the right resort. Our travel voucher confirmed that yes indeed our tour rep had dropped us off at the right resort. He informed us that they were sold out and we'd be moved to Occidentals other property the Gran Flamenco. Had we wanted to stay there , we would have booked there. No discussions were possible. We were driven to the resort, our luggage placed on the front steps and we waited for hours AFTER check in time for our room. We found the front desk staff at both resorts RUDE and un accomodating. We went to book our dinner reservations and were told none were left for that evening, so we asked to book our other evenings and were told e were not in the system yet so we'd have to come back tomorrow. We explained that dinner was part of what we'd paid for and it wasn't our fault we weren't in the system so they'd better book our future choices now before we return only to hear no tables were left for dinner the next night. Our Guest services agent then became angry and did everything he could to further annoy us! People seem to travel through these resorts day after day so my feeling is that if they wanted to handle you in a professional way that says only-I appreciate your buisness they have enough experience that they could have. More than once we were made to feel that tourists are a nuisance.
I must honestly say that passed the front desk the rest of the staff was friendly and courteous. the bar tenders, security , food service and housekeeping staff did a wonderful job proving true all we had read about the friendly nature of the Dominican people.
This feeling of being STUCK with a resort not of your choice and arrogance at both front desks after your money is spent and you're standing on foreign ground is as good as an invitation NOT to book again.
Author: annoyomous Posted at 10:32 02/6/2004

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