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Santana Beach

Rating: Above average Phone: Website:
Location: Southeast Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: San Pedro de Macoris Contact: Value for money: Excellent
Food: Average Decor: Above average Service: Excellent
I never thought I would like an AI, and all the bad things about AIs are evident at Santana - fenced in, artificial atmosphere, isolated from the surrounding culture.

But the people who work at Santana are the friendliest I have met anywhere and they won me over. I would definitely go back.

A few comments from an early January trip: food in the general cafeteria ranged from poor to downright scary. Food in the reservation-only restaurants was quite good.

Beware of brochures that say this hotel is near La Romana - it's really in San Pedro and the cab fare to La R is $90 US round trip if you are foolish enough to use the recommended cab service.

So if your goal is to get out from behind the fences, Santana is maybe not the best choice. It's quite isolated geographically. If you plan to stay inside the fences, which I can't imagine doing, it would probably be a decent choice and a good value.

Comments posted here about language are right on. The staff speaks seven languages: they can say "hello" in all of them, but can only converse in Spanish. Get over it and learn some Spanish; they really appreciate the effort and are very patient with gringos trying to communicate in their language. Why travel if you want white-bread English all the time?

One final warning, which was not Santana's fault. The local rep for TNT Vacations was missing in action. We called his cell phone numerous times and he never showed up the entire 6 days. Luckily Jeseria, Santana's friendly concierge, got us everything we needed, but for those who believe that their tour rep should be there as advertised to assist, take a pass on TNT Vacations. We noticed that two French and German tour reps were there nearly every day.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 02/13/2004



anyone been there in 2006?,we are going feb 16th
Author: suzie Posted at 23:59 01/26/2006
This hotel is amazing.. for all the bad reviews those people have way too high of expectations! It's the Dominican how bad can it be? It's beautiful but not perfect and it's tons of fun so don't listen to the bad reviews!
Author: Jessica Posted at 14:54 11/11/2005
Santana Beach Was the BEST so those of you who think it sucks, you are mental
Author: Stefan Posted at 17:00 04/11/2005
I was at the Santana Beach Resort in Feb 2003. I would never go again as the beach is man made, the breakers they installed makes the water smell like rotten eggs. The food was awful, but yes the restaurants (except the Sea food one.. what seafood???) were fine. The rooms were nice especially if you got a top floor room on the beach. great sunsets! But because of the breakwaters the water does not come on shore naturally hence why there are millions of sandfleas biting our legs! it's too bad but I'll never go back to that area of La Romana again!
Author: Hilda Posted at 15:48 02/24/2004

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