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Allegro Occidental Punta Cana

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My 2 sons (12 & 13) and I just returned home Friday night, 7/09/2004 from 8 days/7 nights at the Allegro Occidental Punta Cana. It was fantastic. We went from Richmond, VA. It was our first time ever going to the Carribean. The flights to and from were very good. We did not want to leave Punta Cana. The variety and taste of the food was very good. If you want to talk about presentation, they have mastered that in every way (not just food either). The pool and beach were great. Yes, there was seaweed, but it did not matter. The weather could not have been better. When and if it did rain during the waking hours, it didn't last more than 5 minutes. It did rain the last night we were there after 1 a.m. and only lasted for about 30 minutes if that long. The property is beautiful. The staff were more than courteous and pleasant. They were very helpful and did a very good job of communicating. If one of them did not totaling understand you, there was always someone within hearing distance that did. Most of the staff were multi-lingual (spoke several languages). They aim to please and are very successful at doing so. There was a show every night under the stars. The entertainment staff go above and beyond. I don't know how they do it working all of those LONG hours, but they do. They are always more than friendly, polite, helpful, upbeat and everything good. They really make the place. I commend them for a job WELL DONE. I must say Jesus is the best. He is definitely personable and one of his trademarks as you will see is "WAPA-Ala, etc." They include the guests, including the children in these shows. The grounds are kept maticulously, housekeeping is great, especially Marcidita Rivas (our young lady). We were in Building 8, with no complaints. The only thing may have been, which is out of their control, if the air conditioning is not kept on at least 74-degrees F, there may be some condensation on the floor when you wake up, but that was really no big deal. I rarely heard any negative concerns/complaints while I was there. We thoroughly enjoyed out stay at the Allegro and recommend it to the highest to everybody traveling there. I would like to pass this on as well. On the flight back I was able to talk to a few other travelers that did not have the fortune of staying at the Allegro and shared resort reviews together. Their comments about their resorts were; "There wasn't anything to do but the pool and the sea. They had some water sports available, but that was the only activity offered in their package." Another comment was, " it was nice, but it was too hot. Everything was outdoors in the heat and sun; even eating". Also, "they didn't have any entertainment/shows. Not enough variety/restaurants to choose from", etc. Of course my input was, "we had it all!. If you go back, make sure and stay at the Allegro. You won't be disappointed." Note, none of us got sick either. The italian restaurant was the only one that got my stomach a little bit. I think that it may not be so much as people say that they get sick from the food, but it is from the possible over exposure to the sun. I have never felt so relaxed and complete on a vacation as I did at the Allegro. By the way, there were NO mosquitos to be seen, heard, found while we were there. Not even when we went horseback riding. Also, the horseback riding is a must! They beach area you ride on is awesomely beautiful. Take advantage of going out to do the snorkeling just off the beach, out a little ways. The beauty of the fish are beyond describing. We are going back if it is at all possible. You could not have asked for a better deal for the money. It was very, very reasonable. You got more than your money's worth and then some. It is the best deal. For 3 people, including airfare which was the most costly, it was more than affordable. All-inclusive is the way to go. To sum it all up - GO THERE AND YOU WILL HAVE A FANTABULOUS TIME. GRACIOUS Allegro Occidental Punta Cana
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 07/13/2004



Allegro Occidental - Punat Cana. Great place to have vacation!!! I'll return!One day. I'll come back! I'll say ''hallo" and I hope you'll be waiting for me.
To phone you it's a great temptation.To think that you'll lift the reciver and say ''I've just been thinking about you. I've been waiting for your phone" or some such thing.It's a great tempation to imagine that we can exchange remarks about telepathy.. oh Jesus!!! I miss you so much
Author: your lady Posted at 22:27 09/18/2004
Jesus - you are great! I love you and I will never forget your smile, your dance, your ...Thank you! You gave me something very importnt!
Author: your lady Posted at 21:05 08/18/2004

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