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occidental gran flamenco

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My girlfriend and I were at the Gran Flamenco Feb. 12-19/04. I can't say anything negative about this resort. The room was big and had plenty of room 9 mini bar always full). We had awesome weather, it only rained one morning for a few hours otherwise it was hot, hot, hot. Everyone was friendly and always said hola!!! The food was incredible. We had lobster 2x at the Buffet. The Mexican and Italian ala cartes were very good. We spent most of our time at the pool and the swim up bar!!! There were at times a bit of a line up at the swim up bar, but the third day we tipped the bartender $10US. If there was a line up, we didn't have to wait in it. The beach is beautiful, though the beaches in Cuba and the Mayan are prettier. We never left the resort, we just didn't need to. The nightly entertainment was incredible. Hats off to the entertainers. I would go back in a heartbeat, and plan to in December with my hubby, father and stepmom. Ignore any negative reviews you have read about the Gran Flamenco. The people who write negative reviews on this resort need to have their head examined.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 07/26/2004



Author: Ehrly Posted at 12:42 11/12/2004
The question is for Matt Why do you say you never go back again to the Grand Flamenco? Thank you for you answer.
Author: Tiburon Posted at 15:26 10/5/2004
I stayed in the hotel and was pleased at first. But then came Hurricane Jeane : then became clear that this hotel is not build to resist any wind at all... The safety of the hotel is minus zero. I don't want to know what would have happened with me if it was a stronger hurricane (Ivan?) that would have hit us. This hotel should not stand on a place were hurricanes sometimes appear...
During the three days of natureproblems, we didn't get ANY assistance of the hotelstaff at all. We were left on our OWN. The roof was of my room, it rained inside,some rooms had no windows any more, but nobody was there to help me at all.

Occ. Gran Flamenco : good on first sight, but stay away from it if you want to be safe!
Author: JOS VERMAELEN Posted at 17:10 09/23/2004
My family and I stayed at the Grand Flamenco resort in Puerto Plata from August 21-28 2004 and we were extremely pleased. The service was impecable, the food was delicious and the resort was very clean. There were a lot of activities for my six year old daughter including the kids fun club. My thirteen year old boy had so much fun, he told us that he wants to retire there.

Every day the fun club hours were from 10 a.m to 12 p.m and from 3p.m to, that allows myself and my husband to have some private moment together. A vacation at the Grand Flamenco is a three in one vacation, it is for the kids, the family and the couple.

Dinner at the Grand Flamenco was semi formal, men were not allowed in the dinning room with shorts.

I strongly recommend the resort for a great family vacation.

Author: ARMELE EUGENE Posted at 15:58 08/30/2004
I just came back from this Hotel, and I would never ever go back there again.

Author: Matt Alkass Posted at 16:36 08/10/2004

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