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Puerta Plata Village

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A party of four travelled to Puerta Plata Village in February 04 for two weeks. I had read good reviews prior to our vacation, but overall I was not that impressed. This was the third visit to DR, but the first to this resort. We stayed in a suite which was big and comfortable. The workers were good, always a smile and a song. The grounds were well maintained with beautiful flowers. I read the management had recently changed hands which may have been part of what I thought was disorgainization.
The beach was across the road, down a path. Reviews indicated it was a ten minute walk, but I felt it was more like 15. There was a shuttle that ran every 10 minutes so that wasn't bad. During peak time to travel back and forth, people seemed to bud in to jump on first - they must have been in a hurry...
The beach itself was nice, but there was a drop off about 10 feet out. The drop was only about 6 - 12 inches, but when you were not expecting it.... it felt bigger. It made coming out a little difficult when big waves her pushing and pulling... This didn't stop us from having fun, and laughing at each other trying to get out.
We met many wonderful people for all over - England, Alaska, North West Territoies and different parts of United States.
Being a 24 hour resort, you would get up in the morning often to find a party still going on. They usually disappeared shortly there after and you didn't see them again until late afternoon.
There was a plaza down the road, not too far with great shops to buy items to take back home. Jewerly is at a good price, but be careful - there are a number of fake stones.
We went on a few tours, the OutBack is as always excellent, Paridise Island - wonderful and the city tour ending at Sousa which was okay.
We have already booked for February 2005, but this time travelling to Punta Cana.
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I just returned from a 2 week stay at the Puerta Plata Village Resort. I have a mixed review. The resort has great potential but is plagued with mostly minor and a few major problems. The rooms, grounds, pools, and beach are wonderful. The housekeeping and resturant staff are wonderful. However, management and security are severely lacking. My first impression of the entry gates was good. I noted several security men at each gate. But I soon learned these men did nothing to make me feel secure. On the contrary. Every time my wife and I would come or go one of the security men standing around would whistle as soon as my back was to them. Amusing at first but eventually became annoying. They never seemed to do much but sit around and flirt with the women. We passed freely without ever being asked to prove ourselves as guests. Then an awful incident occurred. My wife and I were running to the lobby to escape a hard rain and a security guard asked to see her wristband identification. She wasn't about to stop in the rain and he grabbed her by the arm. When she tried to shake loose he started pulling her back towards the street. He would not let go. I tried to pull him loose but he would not release her. I finally got between them and put an elbow to his throat. We immediately went to the manager's office followed closely by another security guard. The manager on duty refused to take a report. He said we would have to come back the next day to see the "real" manager.We spent the next two days trying to find a "real" manager who would listen to us. All the weekend, nite, and assistant managers offered only excuses, no apologies. One even said "This is how Dominican men are". I don't buy that for a minute. We travelled all over the Dominican Republic and found everyone to be very courtious. I only had problems with the resort staff and the people selling tourist stuff on the beach. I got tired of that too. Ten days later and she still has bruises on her arm above the elbow. I enjoyed my travels in the Dominican Republic but not my stay at the Puerta Plata Village.
Author: Erick Posted at 15:15 02/7/2006

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