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Occidental Allegro Grand Flamenco

Rating: Below average Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Peurta Plata Contact: Value for money: Below average
Food: Below average Decor: Average Service: Below average
The grounds were clean and well kept, the room was average, but clean. The problem was that the food was scandalous, with very little variety, and was recycled time after time, if not for roast chicken at lunch it would have been unbearable, but having to eat the same thing every day is not my idea of a holiday. The Oriental A la carte was very nice with good food, but the brazilian was only fair with the major part of the meal grilled meats which at least half was overcooked and dry, and the desserts were terrible. The Italian A la carte was horrific was stem to stern with thw worst service imaginable, which was only made worse by the poor food quality.
Service overall was average with some staff doing a great job and others barely smiling and not responding to simple requests. Some outright ignored us. When dealing with management we were either ignored or put off. They just did not seem to want to deal with anything.
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/21/2005



Stayed at the Grand Flamenco last June. The room was clean and spacious and the beds were very comfortable. Enjoyed the buffet every day. The food off the resort is way better, in terms of taste and quality, but this food is convenient and there was enough variety. I also enjoyed dining at some of the specialty restaurants (Pizza, Mexican). The staff is very polite and I had no problem with them - I think they appreciated my speaking Spanish with them, however limited my knowledge of the language is.

The beach is ok...I didn't find it very clean at times, due to the rolling waves and motor sports, but a nice trip to Sosua, just a half hour outside of the resort was a real pleasure. This resort is also very close to a number of rancho tipicos on the main road, where you can escape and enjoy some local dancing and entertainment. Staying at the Grand Flamenco is ideal also for families as there is plenty of entertainment and activities for all ages. As one who tends to explore life off the resort, I would prefer to stay at a guest house, but you cannot beat the price of an all inclusive to Puerto Plata!! I highly recommend this resort.
Author: Nikki Posted at 13:25 07/7/2006
Ive visited DR 5 times now - 2 Gran Ventana, 2 times Flamenco and once at Fun Tropical. Flamenco was by far the best hotel out of the 3. Cant understand why people would not be happy with it - FANTASTIC is what i would call it. Cant wait to go again - constantly tell friends in the UK that its the best place to go for the money that you pay!

Wishing I was there again soon - looking forward to my next trip!
Author: Dan Posted at 21:28 12/5/2005
Terrible...., service lousy, room was dirty, help was not friendly, AC didn't work most of the time. Could not get reservations to other restaurants. Nothing good to say about this place.
Author: bbforbis Posted at 12:41 07/24/2005
Please tell me something good about The resourt. Going Aug.14-21st. Big hopes, whole family very recomended by travel agent. Please respond. Thank you!
Author: Hopeful Posted at 21:49 07/18/2005

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