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My girlfriend and I have been going to Secrets since 2004. We will be there again for my 40th birthday in August of 2006. It is a great resort if you enjoy sunbathing and listening to the surf. The food and drinks are good. My Girlfriend is particularly fond of breakfast there. They have a line that you can go and have an omlette made for you which is pretty nice. Basically a typical day for us would be eat excessively at breakfast and have drinks/sunbathe on the beach. The act of doing nothing appeals to us and Secrets is secluded and there are no children. About the only thing to remember is bug spray and sunscreen (there are bugs everywhere in the carribean period and the DO is not an exception - I say this emphatically because I read so many reviews that complain about bugs at Secrets).

The surf is rough so if you are a weak swimmer you should use caution. I am a fair swimmer and still have been bounced pretty good while body surfing the waves. I would recommend not going into this water (or any water) after too many drinks. There are life gaurds and warning flags that indicate the water conditions. Just use some common sense.

The people are really nice and speaking spanish is not nescessary. I think attempting to speak spanish is sometimes appreciated and they will help you if you act like your trying to learn. The Dominicans I have had the pleasure to talk to love motorcycles and baseball. Like any nice hotel tips are appreciated - A dollar or two here and will go a long way.

As with any hotel/resort anywhere keep your valubles locked up in the hotel safe. If you take a camera (or electronic item,etc) don't take the most expensive model that you can find. I read a review where a lady from England was griping that her new $1000 digital camera was stolen. Well, theft happens no matter where you are at and it will likely not happen here (again, there are small safes in the room) but, why tempt fate and have your vacation ruined? We take an Olympus camera that would only cost $250 dollars to replace and it takes great pictures. We also take a cheap motorola triband cell phone ($50.00) to replace. T-mobil has service in the Dominican Republic (call your phone company to verify).

There are some excursions for extra $$. We have taken one excursion to a small protected island on the Carribean side of the Island (Secrets lies thirty miles from the airport near Higuey which I think is the South Eastern part of the Island where the Atlantic meets the Carribean). Its pretty much a boose cruise like we have been on when vistiting Cancun except a little less refined. This year we will be taking the excursion to Santo Domingo.

Service is good, the resort is attractive and well maintained. The rooms are above average. I have heard that the Excellence Club is not worth it. I can't think of too much to complain about. Just remember the bit about the surf,bugs and expect a long bumpy ride from the airport. It may help to down a couple of strong drinks before you head to the resort from the airport. If you really cannot stand a bumpy ride there is a helicopter shuttle if you want to give up some $$.

Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 05/30/2006



Well Chum,
You heard wrong about Excellence it is outstanding 1Km of swimming pool, excellent Spa, bars all over the place, and restaurants of very high quality.
Like they say you get what you pay for
Author: Marco Posted at 13:07 02/15/2011

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