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Holiday Village Golden Beach

Rating: Horrible Phone: Website:
Location: North Coast Fax: E-Mail:
City: Puerto Plata Contact: Value for money: Horrible
Food: Horrible Decor: Average Service: Horrible
Author E-Mail: [email protected] Review date: 01/30/2007



The first week was new exciting but it soon started going down hill. We upgraded our room to get vip treatment. We were told an adult vip pool and bar were for us only. soon we started to see people with different coloured wrist bands on in this area. No staff picked up on this matter. The food soon started to go down hill with many visitors having stomach upsets. Even though it was all inclusive they charge $6 us for international drinks which is not stipulated. The staff were more intrested in tips instead of doing there job, even a glass of water ment they waited at your table for a few seconds looking for money. We had lobster one night and the waiter never came back with the $15 us change. I feel this is a 3 star resort/ haven holidays with the sun. Even after paying for excursions the guides, drivers are taking you more places to get money out of you. I have been to many places in the carribean but would never recommend this resort or the dominican republic. It is very pretty but spoilt by the motivation for money and service
Author: Philip Burford Posted at 17:26 01/31/2008
well i am from scotland and worked in vancouver last year as a scaffolder i was amazed at the lack of safty in your country compared to the u.k,i advise you never to visit the u.k,as on returning home you might not get to sleep when you see how unsafe canada is
Author: charloe Posted at 22:23 12/12/2007
Dude! don't forget that you are in the dominican, not a WSIB/health and safety governed country. you have gone way overboard with writing a letter. you ruined your holiday by auditing the resort rather than enjoying its beauty. next holiday you should loosen the vice a little and enjoy yourself.
Author: hart Posted at 8:37 03/30/2007
My husband, myself and our 2 children age 1 & 3 stayed at this hotel during january of this year for two weeks.
I have to say that we really enjoyed ourselves and thought the hotel was great. The first choice staff and in2action guys were great and so friendly.
We had a couple of problems with water not working in our room and also towels not being delivered and the hotel staff sorted this out straight away.
The children and my husband were kept entertained all day and mostly the hotel was clean.
Our room (family room) was a little dark and tired looking but was satifactory.
There was some kind of illness going around whilst we were there and my youngest and my husband both had extremely high temperatures and aches all over. They were both shivering and at first i thought they has sun stroke but we were not the only ones with it. It lasted about 3 days then we they were fine.
The food was ok the first week but the second week it was not so good but then the hotel seemed to fill up.
I'm not sure it's a 4 star but a good 3 and we had an excellent time and would go back again. If anybody wants a more detailed report feel free to mail me.
Author: natalie macpherson Posted at 14:59 02/4/2007
Yeh I guess you can say my job never quite went away and my hard hat was not quite what you would call beach wear. But I did try to remember that this is a third world country and that was demonstrated quite well if I cared to watch the workers anywhere in the DR but I would think that the safety of the guests in this resort should have some level of safe environment. Dialogue with the various of management and the empathy conveyed by the signature crew on site was just a waist of breath. As I am not really a cronic complainer and have travelled for years I expected a lot more from Holiday Village. I am sure that if you asked someone else of their opinion on this resort you would get a simular story that might involve raw sewage backing into their bathrooms, leaking roofs, bugs, poor entertainment, lack of service everywhere and so on. Don't believe me ....go ahead book in for a week or two and waste your money too!
Author: JIM Posted at 16:46 02/3/2007
Heh, no kidding.
Did you where your hard helmet at the buffet!!
Author: tyrone b Posted at 19:14 02/2/2007
Sounds to me you took your job with you on your vacation!
Relax and enjoy theres still a chair or two around!!
Author: Guychew Posted at 19:06 02/2/2007

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