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  • Blending tourism and environment
  • Show-cooking at Catalonia
  • Embassy Suites opens in Juan Dolio
  • What happened to Sosua's beach?
Blending tourism and environment
Can tourism and conservation co-exist in the Caribbean? The Center for Environmental Leadership in Business is convinced that they can, and is convening tourism industry leaders to devise the Caribbean Conservation Action Plan (CELB), a division of Conservation International. The mission is to gather key decision-makers who can influence Caribbean touristic development. The event will focus on finding creative, business-minded solutions to the environmental problems facing the Caribbean. It will take place 24 to 26 April at the Punta Cana Club and Resort.
Tourism industry leaders will join government officials, conservation organizations, scientists and local representatives, as they brainstorm to find solutions to the prime threats facing the Caribbean tourism industry and economy, namely environmental degradation and species loss. Keynote speakers include: Captain William S. Wright, senior vice president, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.; Gordon (Butch) Stewart, chairman, Sandals Resorts and Air Jamaica; Jeffrey Sachs and Thomas Lovejoy, world-renowned experts in environmental economics; and Sylvia Earle, leading international expert in marine science and conservation.
“The tourism industry today faces many challenges, including increasing competition, raising operational costs and increasing customer expectations,” said Frank Rainieri, founder and president of the Punta Cana Resort and Club. “Business leaders who do not recognize that an aggressive environmental conservation program can help them address all of these obstacles will not be successful in this changing market.”
Co-sponsors include the Center for Applied Biodiversity Science at Conservation International (CABS), the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC), the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation and the Punta Cana Resort and Club. For more information email Jason Anderson at [email protected] or
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Show-cooking at Catalonia
Create your own food with the many fresh ingredients and plentiful condiments that are now part of a new phenomenon called “show-cooking” at the 800-square-meter main Gran Caribe Buffet Restaurant of the Catalonia Bávaro Resort. Meats, seafood, fish and vegetable dishes are cooked before your very eyes, in addition to an extensive variety of salads and desserts that are served. Also, in the lobby area, guests of the Catalonia Bávaro can enjoy treats from the Breton Ice-Cream & Crepe Parlor that is open daily from 4pm to 11pm. Of course, those wanting to stay near the beach and pool have the option of breakfasting or enjoying a barbecue lunch at the beach restaurant. Guests staying at the Catalonia may also dine at the a-la-carte restaurants, where they can enjoy the Italian fare of La Gondola, typical American and Mexican food at the El Paso, Japanese delights at the Mikado, and French cusine at La Parisienne. Advance reservations at these restaurants are necessary. Come early and enjoy pre-dinner cocktails at the Curacao bar, open to patrons of the Mikado and Parisienne restaurants.
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Embassy Suites opens in Juan Dolio
Hilton Hotels now has two brands operating in the Dominican Republic: Coral by Hilton, which offers all-inclusive properties nationwide, and the newer Embassy Suites, with its newly-inaugurated first property in the DR in Juan Dolio, San Pedro de Macorís.
President Hipólito Mejía and First Lady Rosa Gómez toured the property of Embassy Suites, escorted by company president, Luis José Asilis, and visiting Embassy Suites senior vice president of brand management, David Greydanus.
The Embassy Suites Los Marlins Golf Resorts has 126 two-room suites overlooking the par 72, 18-hole course. Rooms feature refrigerator, microwave, Internet access, in-room breakfasts, and 24-hour room service. The hotel has meeting room facilities that can accommodate as many as 600 people.
Created in 1983, Embassy Suites Hotels was a pioneer in the all-suite concept and today is a market-share leader, with more than 150 locations in the United States, Canada and Latin America.
What happened to Sosua's beach?
The sudden appearance of a 'new beach' in Sosua Bay off the cliffs of the On the Waterfront Restaurant is not due to changes in sea level but the result of submarine geological shifts, reports El Caribe newspaper today. This is a common phenomenon in the Caribbean, according to geologist Osiris de León, from the Dominican Academy of Sciences. The geological process, which is being monitored by experts, is the friction of the Bahamas Platform with the Caribbean Plate, a process that, he said, eventually could result in the creation of new islets like Montecristi Bay's Siete Hermanos. Over the last few days local residents and emergency services were surprised when a new beach appeared to form practically overnight, leading people to believe that a submarine earthquake had occurred, and giving rise to fears that a tidal wave could follow. De León assured that this is not likely in the present circumstances, although the emergency services are looking out for changes in the area.
El Caribe newspaper also interviewed Cecilio Díaz, deputy minister of Environment, who explained that this is but a natural phenomenon that is owed to certain atmospheric conditions occurring in the Atlantic Ocean. With dimensions of about 60 meters length and 5 meters width, the new beach is, according to Díaz, the result of the rough weathers affecting the Caribbean and Atlantic region that have pushed large amounts of sand to land. “There is no danger. All that has happened is that the ocean threw up some new sand and at any time it can take it back,” said Díaz. The new beach has been declared safe and is open to the public.
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