June 3, 2003
  • E-conference to focus on world and DR tourism
  • Top US photographer in the North Coast
  • Fiesta del Chivo at the National Theater
  • DR on sale!
  • Wedding in La Romana?
  • Miss Universe
  • Hurricane season update
E-conference to focus on world and DR tourism
DR1 readers are invited to visit the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo at http://www.funglode.org web site and to log into the e-conference scheduled for today, 3 June at 7:30 pm. On Wednesday, 4 June, a second e-conference focusing on developments in tourism can be followed by accessing the foundation’s web site from 9 to 5 pm. Speakers include: The former tourism and trade minister for the Spanish government, Don Javier Gómez-Navarro, on “Perspectives of Tourism in Today’s World”, and Joaquín Vial, from the Earth Institute at Columbia University on the case of the Dominican Republic. 
Those interested in actually attending the Wednesday conference at the Fundación can call Tel. 685-9966 Ext. 2445 or write to [email protected]
Top US photographer in the North Coast
Throughout last week, the town of Cabrera on the North Coast was once again in the limelight as the scenic backdrop for a tropical photo shoot led by a famous
American swimwear photographer, Brian B. Hayes (www.brianbhayes.com) of
Orlando, FL. Exotica Swimwear, of Minneapolis, MN, hosted the shoot at
Villa Castellamonte, an exclusive luxury vacation rental located just outside Cabrera. "The Dominican Republic, and particularly this part of the North Coast, offers the unspoiled and pristine conditions necessary to effectively highlight this type of high-end, exotic swimwear," commented Hayes, who regularly works for top swimwear companies such as BodyGlove and Ultama and has contributed to such magazines as FHM, Maxim, Seventeen and Teen Vogue. In this photo shoot, Hayes used the environs of Cabrera, Playa Grande Beach and Villa Castellamonte as scenic settings for the swimwear shoot.
Fiesta del Chivo at the National Theater
“The Feast of the Goat”, or La fiesta del chivo, which is adapted from the novel of the same name by Mario Vargas Llosa and a smash hit in the theaters of New York City, is set to open in June in the Dominican Republic. Llosa’s bestseller is scheduled for the National Theater in Santo Domingo on 16, 17, 18, 22 and 23 June, and for the Gran Teatro del Cibao in Santiago on 20 and 21 June, with tickets ranging from RD$500-RD$400.
The drama tells the story of the cruelty of the late Dominican dictator, General Rafael Leonidas Trujillo. The production by Repertorio Español has received good reviews in the US show business press and The New York Times called the play a slow-moving but absorbing history lesson.
For more on the production, Click Here.
DR on sale!
With exchange houses buying the US dollar at RD$28-29, visiting tourists are finding the DR to be a great bargain. While certain items for sale in the Dominican Republic have been pegged to the US currency for years, most have not and those with US dollars or euros can benefit. 
That is, while the record decline of the peso has meant price adjustments, in most cases, these have not being carried out in the same proportion to the devaluation. The simple reason for this is that the income of those living the DR is mostly derived in Dominican pesos and wages are not automatically indexed for inflation or depreciation. Most products have an inelastic demand, and thus vendors run the risk of losing all their clients if the pricing of their products is not right. Meanwhile, those who have dollars today are benefiting from a clearance sale of the DR.
Wedding in La Romana?
Did Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias wed his girlfriend, Russian tennis star Anna Kournikova, in a ceremony in the Dominican Republic? The London Sun newspaper has speculated that the couple has wed or plans to do so soon in the Dominican Republic.
Iglesias got to know Kournikova while filming the video for his single “Escape”. Kournikova, who had been ranked as high as eighth in the world, currently weighs in at the 78th position, not having won a single match this year. 
Nevertheless, she has won the heart of the 28-year-old Latin superstar and there is speculation that a wedding may have recently taken place in Casa de Campo, in La Romana. This would be the second marriage for Kournikova, who was formerly wed to a Russian ice hockey player, and the first for Iglesias. To view the video with the special chemistry between the two, Click Here.
Miss Universe
Miss Dominican Republic 2002, Amelia Vega, has been listed among the top 15 finalists by the website www.globalbeauties.com.
Vega is the daughter of Patricia Polanco, who as Miss Dominican Republic 1981 participated in that year’s Miss World competition in London. At a height of six feet, Miss DR is a stunning brunette in her own right, and has already won the National Costume Award of the Miss Universe contest. According to the globalbeauties web site, the top 15 finalists are those competitors from South Africa, Brazil, Japan, Greece, Peru, Serbia, Czech Republic, USA, Turkey, Italy, Dominican Republic, Panama, Spain, Venezuela and Namibia.  For more information
Click Here.
Hurricane season update
Sunday, 1 June marked the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which includes the Caribbean Sea. The National Hurricane Service and the Dominican National Meteorological Office concur with the US weather forecasters on the possible formation of up to 12 named storms, of which 8 might well become hurricanes. Of these 8 possible hurricanes, three intense storms have been forecast. The head of the National Emergency Commission, Radhamés Lora, says that the Dominican Republic is prepared to face these storms with its 30,000 volunteers, 2,000 refuges and 280 radio stations which will assist in transmitting the necessary information. Those traveling to the DR during this period may subscribe to DR1’s daily news to keep track of any weather conditions that may affect their visit. 
The norm in the Caribbean is blue skies and sunny weather. But every year, tourists visiting during the summer months reflect on the possibility of being on the island during a hurricane. Should summertime travel be avoided? The possibility of being caught in a hurricane is minimal, and Dominican hotels, since such storms as Hurricanes David, Hortense and George, have perfected their safety plans. If you do get caught, however, consider yourself lucky, as you will be in for one of the most spectacular shows in the world. For more information on possible storms in the area. For more information Click Here.

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