August 19, 2003
  • Jesus Christ Superstar
  • Botanical Gardens anniversary
  • World Martial Arts Championships
  • Direct flights to Aruba
  • Diving and snorkelling
Jesus Christ Superstar
One of the most popular Broadway shows of all times, rock-opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”, will be in Santo Domingo for a limited time. Starring Carlos Alfredo Fatule as Jesus, Hector Anibal as Judas, Robmariel Olea as Maria Magdalena, Miguel Santana as Peter and Antonio Melenciano as Caifas. Scenography, the musical will be overseen by Fidel Lopez, lighting is by Enmanuel Ferry, and Enrique Chao will act as production assistant. Choreographer Isadora Bruno will unite with the Santo Domingo Pops Orchestra and National Music Conservatory Choir to coordinate the production’s 50 actors and 16 dancers in 27 musical numbers.
Producer Amaury Sánchez announced that the two-hour long musical will be presented exclusively at the National Theater from 5-7 September. “Jesus Christ Superstar” first took to the National Theater’s stage in 1982. Sánchez said the drama depicts the uncertainties and difficulties confronted by humans when forced to make decisions. The drama focuses on Judas, who, distraught over his betrayal of Jesus, commits suicide.
Tickets cost RD$350, and RD$450-RD$650. There will be showings at 5pm on 5 and 6 September, and at 5pm and 8pm on Sunday, 7 September. Must be 13 years and over.
Botanical Gardens anniversary
Undoubtedly the finest park in the Dominican Republic, the Botanical Gardens of Santo Domingo can also claim to be one of the better botanical gardens in the world. This week the park, whose immaculate grounds are an inspiration to Dominicans and foreign visitors of all ages, is celebrating its 27th anniversary. Botanist Milciades Mejía, one of the country’s leading ecologists, highlights the parks various functions as scientific research center, center for reproduction and conservation of Dominican flora, and source of entertainment and education. A few things have changed since the park’s opening in August 1976 by the late President Joaquín Balaguer. President Mejía invites those who are acquainted with the park to pay a visit to the newly designed areas, such as that for the ferns, desert and mountain areas, the 2.7-tarea lagoon, and the new rocky picnic area, among other attractions.
World Martial Arts Championships
The WFMA 2004 World Martial Arts Championships will be held in Rio San Juan, María Trinidad Sánchez province, on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The event is scheduled for 4-11 January 2004 at the Bahía Principe Resort and more than 400 attendees are expected. For more information, contact Jider Vargas, Tel. 809 540-9067 or see
Direct flights to Aruba
Royal Aruban Airlines has announced it will start flights to Santo Domingo as of 1 November 2003. This will be the first direct connection to the island. Previously, travelers had to fly first to Curaçao. The airline has announced flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays using a DC9. The flight will be just over an hour’s duration and the schedule will be as follows:
V5 311 AUA 09:45 - 11:05 SDQ Non stop
V5 312 SDQ 11:45 - 13:05 AUA Non stop
For more information, see
Diving and snorkelling
The Sub-Ministry for Coastal and Marine Resources, a division of the Environment Ministry, has initiated a study in Bávaro to determine the importance of the potential role the dive industry can play in Dominican tourism. According to the story in El Caribe, the average tourist pays US$160 for the privilege of diving off the coasts of Bávaro. The prospect of adding scuba diving and snorkeling to the list of tourist attractions of the Dominican Republic is enticing to the Ministry of Tourism. The NGO Bávaro Refound and local dive shops are cooperating with the government to develop the study on the practicability of diving in the area, with the selected areas to be protected from damage by the dive operators. In all, 13 areas are being considered.

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