January 11, 2005
  • Saving coral reefs
  • The challenge of sustainable tourism
  • Miami Vice scenes to be filmed here
  • DATE scheduled for 6-8 April
Saving coral reefs
Marine scientist Austin Bowden-Kerby, one of the leading experts on the conservation of coral reefs in the Caribbean and Pacific, will be speaking this evening at the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (Funglode) auditorium on “Coral Reef Ecosystems and their Environmental Importance.”
Bowden-Kerby heads the Coral Gardens Initiative of Counterpart International Foundation, which promotes a high level of community participation in the management of natural resources. Developed over many years of research, his method to save endangered reefs calls for carefully managing human impact, with a special emphasis on working closely with the local people who know the reef best - and who still depend on it for their livelihood.
During the conference he will focus on the scientific base for the coral reef conservation and success stories on rehabilitating coral systems and their social and economic effects on the local population.
Lelei Lelaulu, president of the Counterpart International Foundation, with almost 40 years implementing programs that promote sustainable development in over 50 countries, will also participate in the panel on coral reefs.
Admission is free to the 7 pm event. Funglode is located at Capitan Eugenio de Marchena Street, between Alma Mater and Maximo Gomez.
The challenge of sustainable tourism
Professor Donald E. Hawkins of the Tourism and Hotel Management School in George Washington University, Washington, D.C. is scheduled to speak on “Tourism as a Strategy for Sustainable Development: A Challenge for the Dominican Republic on Wednesday, 12 January at the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, the think tank and research center founded by President Leonel Fernandez.
Dr. Hawkins is a world recognized expert in the area of tourism policy. He is a past director of the International Institute of Tourism Studies, a joint initiative of George Washington University and the World Tourism Organization.
During his talk, Dr. Hawkins will present conclusions of the World Tourism Forum held 18-20 October 2004 in Washington, D.C. The event convened educators, knowledge management experts and other informed professionals, together with representative government policy-makers and business leaders and offered recommendations for future directions on tourism’s potential as a sustainable development strategy.
Admission is free to the 7 pm event. Funglode is located at Capitan Eugenio de Marchena Street, between Alma Mater and Maximo Gomez.
Miami Vice scenes to be filmed here
Universal Pictures crews were scouting in Santo Domingo in December and January for sites for the filming of scenes for the movie version of Miami Vice, the popular NBC cop drama that ran from 1984-89. Filming would start in April under director Michael Mann. Colin Farrell is cast as Detective James “Sonny” Crockett and Jamie Foxx as Detective Ricardo Tubbs. Michael Mann was a writer and executive producer on the original Miami Vice TV show. The movie tells the story of Sonny Crockett who is an undercover vice detective in Miami who lives on a boat with his pet alligator. Rico Tubbs is a street cop from New York who went to Florida to track down his brother’s murderer. Together, they act as an unlikely but highly-effective team for combating the drug rings that make Miami their home.
DATE scheduled for 6-8 April
Dominican hoteliers are preparing for the 6th Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE) scheduled for 6-8 April 2005 in Santo Domingo. The annual gathering, organized by the National Hotel & Restaurant Association (ASONAHORES) and the Tourism Promotion Council (CPT), takes place to market the Dominican tourism product and attracts leading international buyers.
The activity is coordinated by the Caribbean Hotel Association and meetings are arranged in advance or at the event during scheduling sessions. In the past event, which took place in Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata, 72 supplier companies and 62 buyer companies participated, with 350 delegates.
For 2005, DATE is set to take place in the capital city of the Dominican Republic, as part of the strategic plan to position Santo Domingo as a cultural destination, and one for business, the incentive market, adventure, entertainment, shopping and golf.
"The expectations for DATE 2005 are excellent," said Enrique de Marchena Kaluche, president of ASONAHORES.

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