April 5, 2005
  • Cap Cana opening in May
  • Jan-Feb travel stats
  • DATE in Santo Domingo
  • 88 Dominicans in MLB
Cap Cana opening in May
Victor Cabral, president of Cap Cana, announced the opening of Cap Cana for the second week in May. In a press conference where he made the announcement, he described Cap Cana as “the most important tourism resort underway right now in the Caribbean and Latin America.”
Cap Cana will be opening the first 17 vacation homes at Villas Caleton that will operate as a boutique hotel, its Caleton beach club, 118 spaces at the inland marina, services and access roads to and within the 25 million square meter development (8.5 kms of coastline and 5 of beach). Cabral said so far, over US$100 million have been invested to prepare Cap Cana for the opening of its first services.
Cabral announced that the first Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, the Punta Espada Golf Course would be ready for a September opening. He said that 10 holes have already been planted and another eight will be planted through June.
He forecast that two years after it opens, once the course matures, the course would be regarded among the top 20 best golf courses in the world. He explained that in addition to Nicklaus himself having designed the course, it is very special because 12 holes interact with the sea. Another two Jack Nicklaus courses are planned for the development.
Cabral said that what has taken other developments 30 years to complete, he expects will take Cap Cana 10 to 15 years. He said that Cap Cana gets a head start because the country is already well known abroad. He said that while all-inclusive hotels put the DR on the map, several real estate and golf developments are now attracting millions in investment to the country.
Jan-Feb travel stats
Tourist travel to the Dominican Republic during the first two months of the year was up 4.8% compared to the travel during the previous year. Non-resident arrivals in January and February 2005 were 668,397 compared to 637,605 last year. US travel increased to 164,129, compared to 155,175 last year, for a 5.7% increase. Canadian travel, nevertheless, was down 8% from 156,654 travelers in Jan-Feb 2004 to 145,111 for the same period in 2005.
Other leading source markets for the Dominican Republic posting increases were: Germany where travel increased from 40,164 in 2004 to 45,337 in 2005. Italy showed an increase from 25,990 in 2004 to 29,639 in 2005. And there was an increase in French tourists from 72,583 in 2004 to 74,726 in 2005.
Spain showed a decline in travel from 28,399 in 2004 to 25,878 in 2005, and England posted a slight increase from 25,254 in 2004 to 25,908 in 2005.
DATE in Santo Domingo
Over 120 tour operators have registered for the Dominican Annual Travel Exchange (DATE 2005) that opens on Wednesday at the V Centenario InterContinental in Santo Domingo. The event is organized by the National Hotel & Restaurant Association and the Santo Domingo Hotel Association to match buyers and sellers of stays at Dominican hotels. In addition to international buyers, the event attracts travel press who come to find out what is new in Dominican travel developments. The event is rotated in destinations around the country so that international buyers and press can have a first hand look at what each has to offer. Santo Domingo will be promoting its gastronomy, its historic architectural and cultural heritage, its sophistication and nightlife. DATE opens Wednesday evening at the gardens of the National Theater. A Dominican night is planned for Thursday evening at the Fortaleza Ozama.
88 Dominicans in MLB
Eighty-eight Dominicans, up from last year’s record 77, are on the rosters of Major League Baseball teams. This means the DR will be getting lots of mentions as the sports press follows the achievements of the mighty Caribbean ball players on 28 of the 30 teams. Only the Minnesota Twins and the Colorado Rockies do not have Dominicans on their staff, as reported in a start of season analysis featured in Diario Libre newspaper. The National League will have 44 players, and the American League 39. Of the total, 39 are pitchers, 29 outfielders, 12 are infielders, and two are catchers (Miguel Olivo and Alberto Castillo). David Ortiz (Boston) is the only designated batter. Two teams will be managed by Dominicans, San Francisco Giants (Felipe Alou) and Kansas City Royals (Tony Pena).
Teams with the most players are: Texas Rangers (6), Atlanta Braves (6), New York Mets (5), Kansas City Royals (5), Chicago White Sox (5), Florida Marlins, San Francisco Giants and St. Louis Cardinals have four each. Several Dominicans will be acting as coaches, and Omar Minaya is the general manager of the New York Mets.
Dominicans on MLB teams are:

American League:
Anaheim Angels: Bartolo Colon (P), Estevan Yan (P), Vladimir Guerrero (RF).
Oakland Athletics: Octavio Dotel (P) and Juan Carlos Cruz (P).
Toronto Bluejays: Miguel Batista (P)
Devil Rays of Tampa Bay: Jesus Colome (P) and Julio Lugo (SS)
Cleveland Indians: Ron Belliard (2B) and Johnny Peralta (SS)
Seattle Mariners: Julio Mateo (P), Miguel Olivo (C), Adrian Beltre (3B) and Wilson Valdez (SS).
Baltimore Orioles: Daniel Cabrera (P), Miguel Tejada (SS) and Sammy Sosa (RF).
Texas Rangers: Carlos Almanzar (P), Joaquin Benoit (P), Julio Astacio (P), Francisco Cordero (P), Agustin Montero (P) and Alfonso Soriano (2B).
Boston Red Sox: David Ortiz (DB) and Manny Ramirez (LF).
Kansas City Royals: Dennys Bautista (P), Runelvys Hernandez (P), Jose Lima (P), Alberto Castillo and Angel Berroa (SS).
Detroit Tigers: Franklin German (P) and Carlos Pena (IB).
Chicago White Sox: Damaso Marte (P), Luis Vizcaino (P), Pablo Ozuna (IF), Juan Uribe (SS) and Timo Perez (CF).
New York Yankees: Felix Rodriguez (P) and Alex Rodriguez (3B).

National League:
Houston Astros: Jose Vizcaino (2B).
Atlanta Braves: Roman Colon, Jorge Sosa (P), Julio Franco (1B), Wilson Betemit (SS), Rafael Furcal (SS) and Raul Mondesi (RF).
Milwaukee Brewers: Victor Santos (P).
St. Louis Cardinals: Alberto Reyes (P), Julian Tavarez (P), Hector Luna (SS) and Albert Pujols (1B).
Chicago Cubs: Neifi Perez (SS) and Aramis Ramirez (3B).
Arizona Diamondbacks: Greg Aquino (P), Jose Valverde (RP), Jerry Gil (SS) and Luis Terrero (CF).
Los Angeles Dodgers: Yhency Brazoban (P), Odalis Perez (P) and Antonio Perez (2B).
San Francisco Giants: Armando Benitez (P), Deivi Cruz (SS), Pedro Feliz (LF) and Moises Alou (RF).
Florida Marlins: Antonio Alfonseca (P), Guillermo Mota (P), Luis Castillo (2B) and Juan Encarnacion (RF).
New York Mets: Manny Aybar (P), Felix Heredia (P), Bartolome Fortunato (P), Pedro Martinez (P) and Jose Reyes (SS).
Washington Nationals: Francis Beltran (RP), Claudio Vargas (SP), Tony Blanco (1B), Cristian Guzman (SS), Henry Mateo (2B) and Jose Guillen (RF).
San Diego Padres: Freddy Guzman (CF).
Philadelphia Phillies: Pedro Liriano (P), Jose Offerman (IB) and Placido Polanco (2B).
Pittsburgh Pirates: Salomon Torres (P) and Jose Mesa (P)
Cincinnati Reds: Ramon Ortiz (P), D’Angelo Jimenez (2B) and Wily Mo Pena (RF).

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