Dominican Republic entry to the 2006 Conde Nast Traveler Essay Contest

"Imagine that you are a travel journalist and have been assigned to write a story about your country for Conde Nast Traveler. Remember that our motto is truth in travel and we like to go beneath the surface to show people more than just the usual tourist spots."

Virginia Nunez Mir wrote:

If you're planning to travel, Dominican Republic should be the first on your list of possible countries.

"But why" you may ask. Here are some reasons to tell you why to come here.

Our beautiful landscapes and beaches are the best way to relax and have fun.

Our great variety of birds singing makes you have the perfect morning.

Our delicious foods, which you will never get bored of, would make you strong enough to continue exploring our tropical lands.

Here, we like to be with family, and it may be funny, but every time light goes family forgets about everything and has a good time.

In this country, there are a lot of places to go, and wherever you are, there is a big, warm sun behind.

Our founding fathers are Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, Ramon Matias Mella. Our national bird is the cigua palmera and our tree is the caoba. We have and respect our anthem, flag and coat of arms. Pedro Mir is our national poet and Guillo Perez is our national painter.

Our president is Leonel Fernandez. Here there are different landforms, valleys, mountains, plains, farms, cities, rivers and beaches. Everywhere you are you would have fun.

In this country we are all different so however you are we will accept you.

Here our favorite hobby is baseball.

As you see, this is a good country to live in and visit.