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June 7, 2011
  • Better lighting for Juan Dolio
  • Maintenance works at cable car
  • Ferries of the Caribbean resumes pax service
  • Summer fishing tournaments
Better lighting for Juan Dolio
The Empresa Distribuidora de Electricidad del Este (EdeEste) reports that the main streets in Juan Dolio, Guayacanes and Boca Chica now have new lighting. The plan is to enhance nighttime safety at these beach destinations. The EdeEste press release says that this is part of a general program for the restoration of public lighting. EdeEste is responsible for electricity supply and lighting in large areas of the country east of the Ozama River.
Maintenance works at cable car
The Puerto Plata tourism office has announced the temporary closure of the Puerto Plata cable car for repairs through 19 June. Cesar Jose de los Santos, deputy minister for the north coast said that the government is investing RD$3.5 million in the maintenance of the Isabel de Torres cable car that takes tourists up the mountain to visit the botanical gardens. The cables are being replaced. The cable car has been in operation for 30 years, and this is its second major overhaul, as reported in Hoy.
Ferries of the Caribbean resumes pax service
American Cruise Ferries has reinstated the passenger ferry service between Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo. The ferry will depart from the Pan-American Terminal opposite the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan on Mondays at 7pm and on Wednesdays and Fridays it will depart from the Port of Mayaguez at 8pm. Return trips from Santo Domingo will sail at 8am. There will be weekly three departures from Santo Domingo to Puerto Rico: one on Thursday, between 7-8pm to arrive in Puerto Rico at 8am at the port of Mayaguez; another on Sunday, from 7-8pm that will arrive in Puerto Rico at 8am Monday. The third, on Tuesday departs between 7 and 8pm and arrives in Puerto Rico at 8am on Wednesday.
The ferry has capacity for 1,100 passengers and 70 vehicles. Introductory fares are at US$169 per person from the Port of Mayaguez and US$189 from the Port of San Juan. Cabins cost an additional US$48. Passengers are allowed three suitcases with the fare.
Summer fishing tournaments
It's summer and time to go sports fishing for the big catch. The Santo Domingo Yacht Club announces its annual White Marlin Fishing Tournament, in its 46th year, taking place at the club's Cabeza de Toro branch in Punta Cana from 8-11 June with the participation of local and visiting anglers.
Shortly after, the Club de Caza y Pesca Romana announces the celebration of its own 46th International Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament with fishermen departing from the Cap Cana Marina and the Cabeza de Toro Yacht Club in Punta Cana. Fishermen from Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Honduras are also expected for the occasion. A special prize has been announced at this catch-and-release tournament for the angler who fishes a blue marlin, a white marlin and a sailfish.

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