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June 28, 2011
  • Canadians travel more, and to the DR
  • Orizonia joins to promote DR in Spain
  • Travel to the DR up through May
  • Punta Cana is lead airport
Canadians travel more, and to the DR
The Dominican Republic is the third preferred destination for Canadians traveling to the Americas. According to Statistics Canada figures for 2009, the most recent year for which data is available, the neighboring US continues to be the top destination for outward-bound Canadians with about 18 million overnight trips, followed by Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Britain, France, Italy and Germany.
Outbound travel by Canadians is up, coinciding with the reality that now 60% of Canadians have passports, compared to 36% in March 2005. Canadians are making 13.2% more trips to overseas destinations in the winter season compared to the previous year, as reported in Canwest News Service.
Canada is a nation of travelers, says Lindsay Pearlman, co-president of Ensemble Travel Group, as reported by Canwest News Service. "We enjoy travelling, especially abroad, and this reflects who we are: most of our families have come to Canada from afar."
"In the winter, we want sun - beaches and cruises," Pearlman says.
"Canadians don't travel as much within Canada as our neighbors to the south travel within the US, Gedeon says. "Sadly, I've seen more of the Caribbean than I have of Canada."
Orizonia joins to promote DR in Spain
The Dominican Republic Tourist Office in Spain has signed an agreement with Orizonia, a leader in the Spanish travel market, for the promotion of the country in Spain as a good value destination mixing quality and attractive price. Palma-based Orizonia, which is affiliated to Iberojet, Solplan, Via Tours, and Viajes Iberia, announced it would actively collaborate with the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourist destinations such as Punta Cana and Bayahibe to the tourist and retail travel agencies. Orizonia will be reaching out to the 650,000 users registered in the Viajes Iberia database.
Paola Dimitri, director of the Dominican Republic Tourist Office for Spain and Portugal, expressed her satisfaction with the agreement signed with Orizonia. In the high season and during summer, Orizonia will operate 12 flights a week to Punta Cana alone. The flights will be on Orbest from Madrid, and a weekly flight from Barcelona. There will be four charter flights a week from Porto and Lisbon.
Travel to the DR up through May
Travel to the DR for the first five months of the year is up 4.44% compared to last year. Some 1,932,564 non-resident travelers arrived during that period, according to the Central Bank. The Central Bank says that the increase is primarily due to an increase in arrivals of non-resident foreigners, up 5.09%.
Total arrivals for the period was 2,115,006, up 4.43% compared to the same period last year.
May, usually a slow month, registered 297,788 tourists, up 0.26% compared to last year.
From January to May 2011, arrivals by non-resident foreigners were up 82,831 visitors, due to the increase in travelers from South America, up 48.07%. During this period, travel from Argentina (18,432), Brazil (15,463), Chile (5,581), Colombia (3,248) and Peru (2,851) made up the difference of 29,202 in 2010, and 50, 133 from the region for the first five months of 2011.
Travel from North America was also up, increasing from 17, 758 in 2010 to 35,554 in 2011. Travel from Europe was down 880. The decline, nevertheless, was significantly less than the 40,663-person drop experienced in 2010 compared to 2009.
The Central Bank reports that 93.51% of the tourists who visited came for recreation and 91.03% stayed in hotels. 63.03% of all tourists who visit are 21 to 49 years old. Of the visitors, 51.07% were women and 48.93% men.
Punta Cana is lead airport
Punta Cana continues to be the leading airport for tourist arrivals to the Dominican Republic. Indeed 61.73% of all tourists that visited the Dominican Republic arrived by the east coast airport. Some 1,055,874 tourists used the PUJ airport.
Las Americas (SDQ), the leading airport serving Santo Domingo, received 318,775 passengers, for 18.64% of total tourist arrivals. Next was Puerto Plata with 184,952 tourists for 10.81%. Then followed La Romana, with 3.64%, Cibao with 2.81% and La Isabela and El Catey in Samana.

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