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August 23, 2011
  • Go dancing in the Colonial City
  • Gol wants to use DR as hub
  • Check your flight
  • Follow the storms
Go dancing in the Colonial City
Frank Green and Mananaladie play the live music for dancing every Thursday evening at La Cantina de El Agave, across the street from Casa de Teatro. Merengue, son, fuson, salsa, danzon, guaracha, rumba, bolero, balads and more. Arzobispo Merino 115, Colonial City. No cover!
Gol wants to use DR as hub
Gol senior strategic advisor Mauricio Emboada Moreira, and company executives Carlos Sergio de Santanna Cesar, Claudia Karpat and Christiane Atallah Marques met with the local Civil Aviation board at the Dominican Aviation Institute (IDAC) to move forward on negotiations aimed at using Dominican airports as a hub for connecting flights from Brazil and on to other South American countries and the Caribbean, as well as to points in the United States and Canada. Boston in the United States, Montreal in Canada, and Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados were mentioned as some of the first connecting points. In the DR, the Gol representatives were accompanied by lawyers Vitelio and Santiago Mejia Ortiz of the law firm Mejia Armenteros & Abreu.
Alejandro Herrera, director of the Civil Aviation Board, made the announcement last week about Golís interest in expanding flights into the US, Canada and the Caribbean through Dominican airports. Herrera said the request would be studied by the IDAC.
Alejandro Herrera said that one of the main roles of the IDAC is to promote additional air service to the DR and sees Golís desire to set up operations here as a positive.
Gol proposes to begin direct flights to the DR from Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Manaus, Brazil, using modern 737 jets. Gol has a fleet of more than 120 Boeing jets, as reported by IDAC.
IDAC was represented by General Santiago Rosa Martinez, Jose Valdez Martinez, Franklin Reyes Rosso, among others.
Gol Lineas Aereas Inteligentes already flies to Punta Cana from where it flies to Caracas, Venezuela and to the Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Florianopolis and Natal. Since April 2010, the airline has operated regular low-cost flights to Punta Cana on 737-800 jets.
Check your flight
The Atlantic Hurricane Season has begun early for the Caribbean with nine named storms, including one hurricane before the peak month of the season. Traditionally in the Dominican Republic, hurricanes occur in September, not in August. Emily and Irene have caused flight delays and cancellations. In both cases, airlines have allowed rescheduling without penalty. Note that when there is a storm in the area, one should always check with the airline. While the weather may appear unlikely to affect a flight, sometimes they are cancelled due to airline policy. For flight cancellations and delays related to the Irene storm, see
Follow the storms
The most accurate and detailed coverage on storms and hurricanes passing the DR is may be found in the DR1 Weather & Beyond Forum. As of Monday evening, despite earlier forecasts for the country, Hurricane Irene was a no-show in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana. Reports are coming in now for what is in store for Samana, Cabrera and Puerto Plata as she passes further to the north than initially expected. Forum members from all around the country are posting updates on the actual weather. As members follow the storm, interesting links are shared. But most important, the DR1 weather expert, MikeFisher explains what is happening and how it can affect us, using data from the Punta Cana radar and other local and international sources close to the island, to help travelers and residents alike plan their days. So, to monitor storms as they pass the DR, stay tuned to the latest posts at

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